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Unified Commerce

Snowdog specializes in building commerce projects that provide a seamless customer experience, integrating channels and processes to bring the best out of your business.
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Commerce Consulting

The solutions crafted at Snowdog are recognized worldwide in the commerce industry, online and in retail. Our team of specialists has a strong background working in advanced projects customized to the needs of each client. We cover all aspects of commerce, including commerce analysis, project planning, architecture, migration, implementation and customization. We are highly equipped and certified to give you the help and guidance you need to create or transform your commerce venture.

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How we work

We focus on understanding our clients' businesses, their needs and the specific details that make their business special. We work with transparency and a vision to build long-lasting cooperation with our clients.
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    Our development team has worked with Magento for over 10 years and deeply understand the platform. We take QA, testing and security very seriously to ensure all our projects are high-performing, scalable and flexible.
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    Our work is built on a foundation of close teamwork, collaboration and trust between project members, clients and leadership.
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    At Snowdog Labs, our research and development explores new terrain in technology and commerce. We are investigating novel ways to extend our services, including Machine Learning technologies for product recommendation and image classification and robotics in retail environments.
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    Constant Improvement
    The learning and development never stops at Snowdog. We believe in consistently optimizing and improving not only your business, but also our services and skills. Working with Snowdog means you’ll never be left behind.
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    Mobile Commerce
    Our developers ensure you are providing a superior iOS and Android mobile commerce experience for your customers. As part of the core Vue Storefront team, we can help you transition to a Progressive Web Application and bring benefits to users and your business.

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