Embrace headless with commercetools

Commercetools equips you with unmatched flexibility and customization with it’s headless, API-first architecture. Lean into composable commerce and create a truly unique shopping experience.

What we can do for you

Composable Commerce

Experience the future of e-commerce with Commercetools. Our expertise empowers you to harness its innovative capabilities for unmatched online experiences.


Commercetools' cloud-based platform offers agility and scalability. We help you navigate its features to adapt swiftly to market changes and expansion.

Custom frontend application development

Our experts can connect your frontend to Commercetools and deliver unique features that answer business needs so you can grow faster and reap the benefits of headless.

Why team up with Snowdog

Join forces with Snowdog for your commercetools project, and you'll tap into a wealth of experience. We've successfully launched marketplaces, supported PIMs and DAMs, and excelled in headless commerce.

With us, you can expect custom front-end applications and the power of composable commerce at your fingertips. Plus, our DevOps services ensure a safe and reliable project environment. When you choose Snowdog, you're not just getting a partner – you're gaining a dedicated ally committed to your commercetools project's success.

“Unlock agility and scalability, creating unparalleled shopping experiences. With cloud-based power and API-first strategy, we're shaping the future of e-commerce, one dynamic interaction at a time.”

Kuba Zwoliński

CEO & Founder of Snowdog

Leveraging commercetools to accelerate Social Native’s launch

We partnered up with a fast-growing Silicon Valley startup and accepted the challenge of developing a custom web application for a marketplace platform based on a MACH approach; Micro-services based, API-first, Cloud-native SaaS and Headless.

All your needs taken care of

E-commerce strategic roadmap

We focus on business goals and crafting a long term delivery plan to target each of your goals and objectives with input from tech, CRO, UX and DevOps teams.

Development services

Our experienced developers wil craft an exceptional e-commerce for you and your customers, paying meticulous attention to detail and ensuring the highest quality standards in design, functionality and experience.

Maintenance & Support

To ensure there’s no downtime, our team will ensure your e-commerce is secure and up-to-date. That way your customers will enjoy a smooth and undisrupted shopping experience.

UX and UI improvements

Keep optimizing and improving your customer experience and store design for ever-evolving user needs. We’ll test, audit and review your analytics to ensure there are no obstacles in your customer purchase journey.


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