Navigating Development with DevOps Expertise

Our DevOps consulting enhances your software lifecycle, integrating development and operations for faster, agile, and reliable application delivery.

What can we do for you

IT Infrastructure Migration

Streamline your IT transition with our specialized 'Lift and Shift' service. We migrate your systems, applications, and data, minimizing disruptions and optimizing costs.

AWS Best Practices Setup

Elevate your AWS setup with our service that aligns your cloud environment to industry best practices for performance, security, and cost-efficiency.

CI/CD Pipeline Acceleration

Speed up your software releases with our CI/CD process implementation. We automate your testing and deployment, ensuring faster, error-free launches.

Managed Cloud Services

Simplify cloud management with our expert service. We oversee updates, backups, and scalability, allowing you to focus on innovation and growth.

AWS Security Hardening

Secure your AWS environment with our specialized hardening service. We implement robust measures, ensuring data safety and compliance, providing you peace of mind.

Reduce Cloud Costs

Struggling with rising cloud expenses? Our Cloud Cost Optimization service helps you regain control over your cloud spending, making it efficient and budget-friendly.

Why you should work with us

Our expert team brings together an extensive portfolio of practical DevOps automation consulting experience, allowing us to create highly efficient solutions tailored for your specific projects. We offer a broad range of services including IT infrastructure migration, cloud cost optimization, AWS best practices implementation, CI/CD pipeline acceleration, managed cloud services, and AWS security hardening.

On-Time, In-Budget Consulting Excellence

With our highly qualified and close-knit team, we are committed to providing robust consulting support for projects of any complexity, always delivering on time and within your budget constraints. This breadth of expertise ensures a seamless, secure, and cost-effective transition for your enterprise operations.

“Our team boasts a rich blend of in-depth, hands-on DevOps consulting experience and specialized automation expertise. From streamlining IT infrastructure migrations to optimizing cloud costs and elevating AWS setups, our highly qualified and cohesive team is well-equipped to support projects of any complexity.”

Michał Durczewski

Lead of DevOps at Snowdog

How we do it

Initial Project Consultation

Kickstart your project with our expert consultation. We assess your needs, discuss technologies, and fine-tune project specifics to align with your objectives.

Strategic Consulting Plan

We develop a comprehensive plan tailored to your needs, identifying key issues, specialized staff, and risk mitigation strategies for effective consulting.

Roadmap Development

Optimize your company's success with our detailed roadmap, which includes automation, script development, and infrastructure planning to enhance workflow.

Service Execution & Monitoring

We implement chosen technologies and execute our consulting services, adhering to the roadmap for quality assurance. All processes are continuously monitored and tested.

Why work with us

Strategic DevOps Alignment with 24/7 Support

Our DevOps consultants integrate seamlessly with your team, offering 24/7 support to actively monitor your infrastructure and ensure alignment with enterprise goals.

Agile Partnerships & Custom Solutions

We leverage cross-technological knowledge to tailor the best DevOps solutions for e-commerce stores and applications, ensuring agile and effective growth.

Comprehensive & Secure DevOps Support

Our seasoned consultants provide full-scope DevOps support while ensuring infrastructure security and compliance, essential for e-commerce enterprises.

Transparent, Business-Driven DevOps Expertise

No hidden costs or limits. Our DevOps consultants focus on transparent communication while delivering unparalleled business value for your operations.

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