The power of Hyvä Theme: Launching a B2B Office Supply into a High-Performance Success

We leveraged the speed of Hyvä frontend theme along with Adobe Commerce to rapidly launch Biuro Paczka, a new B2B, B2C & B2A venture to provide an incredibly fast and versatile shopping experience.


In a bid to expand their business offerings, a furniture retailer with a thriving presence in the Polish market sought to venture into the world of office supplies. Facing a tight deadline and the challenge of launching with 10,000 SKUs, they turned to us for guidance on crafting a comprehensive e-commerce strategy, ultimately leading to the successful launch of their online store with high mobile compatibility, accessibility and performance.


Office Supplies, New Brand

Rapid expansion of the business into the office supplies market with a new brand

Fast Online Store, Mobile-Ready

Launch a fast online store with strong mobile performance

Expert E-commerce Business Setup

Provide expert e-commerce guidance in setting up new business processes


  • Launching with a large number of SKUs (over 10,000)
  • Navigating the complexities of launching within a tight timeframe
  • Implementing Adobe Commerce without finalized product information
  • Overcoming accessibility issues within the Hyvä frontend theme
  • Integrating ERP and PIM systems while developing business processes

Our solution

E-commerce ecosystem and integrations

The project involved the integration of Adobe Commerce, the Hyvä frontend theme, and connections with Streamsoft Verto (ERP) and Ergonode (PIM) for product data management. We also tailored some B2B functionalities within Hyvä such as quote requests and Store Credit, adaptable pricing through Verto ERP, implementation of drop-shipping solutions, and customized settlement logic for B2A customers.

Crafting a seamless shopping experience

Our work also encompassed significant accessibility enhancements, front-end customization, GTM and SEO optimization through the YIREO module and personalized email templates. The homepage is customizable in Page Builder, where we also introduced some new graphic elements and carousels for greater marketing flexibility. We introduced a new microservice to ensure asynchronous order processing, protecting against even unlikely unavailability of the ERP. We also further customized their store with refined Adobe filters, a dynamic Omnibus clause for pricing, controlled product reviews, delivery estimates linked to product categories, and the integration of Adobe LiveSearch powered by Adobe Sensei.

e-commerce team

We supported Biuro Paczka with a dedicated expert team made up of a project manager & client success manager, plus 2 backend and 2 frontend developers, a UI designer and UX specialist, 2 testers plus an accessibility expert who played a major role in improving the accessibility of the theme to make the store and it's features compliant with WCAG.

In addition to supporting the client from business process definition to their implementation, our team was also involved in ongoing communication with representatives of the integrated systems, extensive testing and final adjustments.

Accessibility improvements

With the launch of Biuro Paczka, we introduced substantial frontend accessibility enhancements to the Hyvä theme, aligning with the client's strong commitment to accessibility. Our primary focus was to ensure that the entire purchase flow, from product browsing to checkout, was adjusted to be compatible with screen readers and other assistive technologies. This effort not only improved the inclusivity of the store but also became incorporated into the Hyvä theme 1.3.0, a massive contribution to push Hyvä forward.


Newly Launched, Rapid Orders Inflow

Launched few weeks ago and already receiving new orders.

98% Google Pagespeed, SEO, Uptime

Impressive performance, boasting a 98% score on Google Pagespeed Insights, along with great SEO health and uptime.

Enhanced Customer Journey with Hyvä Theme

Significant accessibility enhancements throughout the customer journey provided by our team which were incorporated into default Hyvä theme.

Amasty Shipping Restrictions: Adobe Commerce

Seamless implementation of Amasty shipping restrictions in Adobe Commerce.

Streamlined Business with ERP & PIM Integration

Supporting business processes with successful integration of ERP and PIM systems.

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