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Mobile Experiences

Snowdog's mission is to use our skills and the latest, most exciting technology to elevate people's experience of the world. To achieve this, our mobile department goes beyond consumer-facing apps. We are interested in all mediums where digital solutions have the potential to enhance how we interact with the environment.
Our goal is to merge the online with the offline by creating a seamless experience through mobile, tablet, kiosk or robotic interactions. We also take this one step further, utilizing the opportunities that Augmented Reality and other fully customized backend solutions give.

Our process

  • 01
    We chat with you to learn about you and your business objectives, and the needs of your users. Then, we create a strategy on how to not only tackle, but also enhance them.
  • 02
    Design & Prototype
    We create a prototype of a solution applying a user-centric approach to design. We test and validate along the way.
  • 03
    App development
    We create a fully-fledged product. Our iOS and Android teams are equipped to develop complex digital systems and experiences for your users.
  • 04
    Testing & Validation
    We test the product rigorously and discuss it with you to ensure that it meets your expectations.
  • 05
    Ongoing support/ maintenance
    We can help you maintain the app, or review it every so often to make sure it's adapting to your users' needs and in accordance with the latest available technologies.
How we build a minimum viable product.

How do we approach product development?

We develop MVPs (Minimal Viable Products); early versions of a product with limited features. MVPs let us evaluate a solution before significant further investment of time and resources.

As the illustration shows, MVPs can be built in several ways. The first approach is very intuitive, and consists of creating individual components independently and combining them at the end, providing a ready-to-test solution. The second "agile" approach relies on an evolution of the product with potentially major pivots. The client receives a solution that can be tested and used from the beginning of the process. Both these methods, however, have some issues.

To avoid these problems, at Snowdog we build our solutions based on the third approach. During the first iteration we create a "skeleton" of the project, already having the next steps in our minds. Later in the process we add more elements that make up the whole. Thanks to this approach we can monitor on an ongoing basis or react to changing assumptions. At any obstacle, we plan our work with the end result in mind, so we can lower risk and avoid issues that would require major modifications or building something from scratch in late stages of the project.

Our mobile developers.

Why work with us?

Our mobile team can help you bring even the boldest ideas to life. How? We thrive on innovation and focus on delivering the best possible mobile experiences using the latest technologies. We don't just stop at that - we also help you to figure solutions to any problems your store might have.
Why us? We've built plenty of ground-breaking mobile solutions over our many years on the market. You can count on our knowledge and expetrise when it comes to technological consulting for your business. We treat our clients as partners and hold ourselves to very high standards. We want to ensure the solutions we provide are stable, user-friendly and capable of helping you in the long-run.


Our experienced mobile team can deliver unique solutions that will take your app to the next level. We specialize in building native apps using Swift for iOS and Kotlin for Android environments. Finally, you can expect our Quality Assurance team to support you in making sure that your project fits the highest standards.


Our robotics and AR specialists take a non-traditional approach to B2B and B2C industries and help you create experiences that look to the future and stand out from the competition. Currently, we are revolutionizing customer journeys in the apparel industry, with immersive technology that combines scanners, magic mirrors and kiosks to create "smart fitting rooms".


We don't just focus on building solutions for mobile environments. We also provide consulting for both B2C and B2B markets, helping companies transition to digital and take advantage of the enterprise technology. We can help you overcome the challenges of the highly competitive digital era by creating unified experiences across various types of technologies.

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