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We focus on creating next-generation mobile apps that captivate users, increase engagement, and amplify your digital presence. Our objective is to seamlessly blend the digital and physical realms, offering a unified experience across various platforms, including mobile devices, tablets, kiosks, and robotic interfaces. We push the boundaries by harnessing the potential of Augmented Reality and tailoring backend solutions to meet unique requirements.

What can we do for you

Product Discovery &

Our expertise in mobile app development crafts tailor-made solutions that resonate with your brand, providing unique and engaging user experiences.

Native App Development

Our user-centric approach guarantees intuitive interfaces and seamless navigation, enhancing user satisfaction and retention.

Performance Optimization

Our apps are designed for optimal performance, ensuring fast load times and smooth interactions that keep users engaged.

Scalability & Flexibility

We develop apps that grow with your business. Whether it's adding features or accommodating increased user traffic, our solutions are scalable and flexible. We will adjust the app to work perfectly not only on smartphones but also on tablets and folding devices.

Full-cycle Support

From concept to post-launch updates, our team provides end-to-end support, ensuring your app remains competitive and aligned with your goals.

UX/UI Design & Branding

We build apps for iOS and Android, ensuring consistent functionality and design across platforms, maximizing your app's reach.

How we approach product development

We specialize in developing MVPs (Minimal Viable Products), which are early versions of a product with limited features. The main benefit of MVPs is that they allow us to evaluate a solution before significant further investment of time and resources.

There are several ways MVPs can be built. The first approach involves creating individual components independently and combining them at the end to create a ready-to-test solution. The second "agile" approach, on the other hand, relies on an evolution of the product with potentially major pivots. Although both these methods have their advantages, they also have some issues.

To avoid these problems we follow a third approach. During the first iteration, we create a "skeleton" of the project with the next steps already in mind. Later in the process, we add more elements to complete the whole. This approach enables us to monitor the process continuously and react to changing assumptions as needed. We always plan our work with the end result in mind, which helps us lower risk and prevent issues that would require major modifications or building something from scratch in late stages of the project.

“Mobile apps aren't just tools; they're experiences that shape digital interactions. We craft apps that engage, inspire, and drive results, putting user experience at the heart of every design decision.”

Krzysztof Łebzuch

Head of Mobile at Snowdog

How we do it

Creating concepts

We chat with you to learn about you and your business objectives, and the needs of your users. Then, we create a strategy on how to not only tackle, but also enhance them.

Design & Prototype

We create a prototype of a solution applying a user-centric approach to design. We test and validate along the way.

App development

We create a fully-fledged product. Our iOS and Android teams are equipped to develop complex digital systems and experiences for your users.

Testing & Validation

We test the product rigorously and discuss it with you to ensure that it meets your expectations.

Ongoing support/ maintenance

We can help you maintain the app, or review it every so often to make sure it's adapting to your users' needs and in accordance with the latest available technologies.

Why work with us

Top-notch mobile solution

Our experienced mobile team can deliver unique solutions that will take your app to the next level. We specialize in building native apps using Swift for iOS and Kotlin for Android environments. Finally, you can expect our Quality Assurance team to support you in making sure that your project fits the highest standards.

Innovative technology

Our robotics and AR specialists take a non-traditional approach to B2B and B2C industries and help you create experiences that look to the future and stand out from the competition. Currently, we are revolutionizing customer journeys in the apparel industry, with immersive technology that combines scanners, magic mirrors and kiosks to create "smart fitting rooms".

Digital transformation

We don't just focus on building solutions for mobile environments. We also provide consulting for both B2C and B2B markets, helping companies transition to digital and take advantage of the enterprise technology. We can help you overcome the challenges of the highly competitive digital era by creating unified experiences across various types of technologies.

Technological Excellence

Our commitment to excellence sets us apart. With a rich history of developing innovative mobile solutions spanning numerous years in the industry, our expertise is your assurance when seeking technological consulting for your business. Our primary goal is to deliver solutions that are not only robust and user-friendly but also poised to provide enduring support for your business's success.

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