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What is BigCommerce?

BigCommerce is a powerful eCommerce platform with a customer-centric focus. It has the capabilities of enterprise commerce but without the high complexity and cost. As an extremely feature-rich platform, BigCommerce can be the foundation for any business looking for a reliable tool to drive their performance and reach their goals.Contact Us!

Why choose BigCommerce?

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    Native features - BigCommerce has so many native features as part of it's core functionality, you won't be worrying about performance and third party integrations.

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    Performance & Scalability - There's no limit to your growth: BigCommerce is industry leading in speed, uptime and scalability.

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    Intuitive - The BigCommerce platform has one of the most easy-to-use and intuitive dashboards available, allowing you to manage orders, products and returns like a pro.

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    Cost - BigCommerce can help you reduce the total cost of ownership and operating costs.

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    Customer focused - The customer-centric platform gives you powerful tools to segment and curate for any volume of customers.

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    Support - World-class customer support which is ready to help you and your business any time.

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Why we work with BigCommerce

At Snowdog, our ultimate goal is to help businesses leverage innovation to gain a competitive edge, drive performance benchmarks and delight their customers. We believe BigCommerce shares that goal - as a highly developer-friendly platform, we can help our clients by focusing on the growth and customer experience rather than worrying about high costs of infrastructure, maintenance or security. BigCommerce's flexible APIs allow for over 400 calls per second, per customer, as well as industry-leading security features, letting us focus on exceeding our clients' expectations.

How we can help

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    User Experience & Design
    Customer experience is the central driver for all our projects. From creative CX workshops and usability testing to prototyping solutions, we are constantly designing for stores of the future.
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    Our incredible reputation in this industry has helped us form strong relationships with platform partners and integration developers. We have built numerous integrations and can help you adapt your existing integration to BigCommerce or build one from scratch.
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    Custom Software Development
    Our experienced front end, back end and DevOps engineers can help you build a rich and stable commerce experience, no matter how complex your business. Whether you are a small B2C or a large B2B, we can handle any scenario or use cases.
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    Data Migration
    If you are currently on a different platform than BigCommerce, don't worry. We will help you migrate everything securely and ensure that all your content and data is available on the new platform.
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    Support, Maintenance and 24/7/365 Emergency Handling
    We understand that emergencies happen, and how important it is that our customers can rely on our support anytime. While we focus on ensuring full uptime of their eCommerce store, you can rest easy thanks to our 24/7/365 Emergency Handling team.

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