Rapid e-commerce
accelerator with Hyvä

Launch your ADA / EAA compliant Magento or Adobe Commerce site
in as little as 2 weeks with top performance and flexibility.


Harness the power of Magento and Hyvä

Adapting quickly is essential for your business to grow and thrive in our current landscape, with competitors just one click away. The value of a fast, performant and accessible digital experience is more crucial than ever and has benefited those who have prioritized the needs of their online customer base.

If you've decided it's time to boost your digital capabilities, whether through B2C, B2B or D2C, it's time to consider using Snowdog's bespoke e-commerce accelerator - Sparq.


Meet Sparq:
Your e-commerce accelerator

Leveraging our years of experience in creating Magento websites wordwide combined with numerous open source contributions, we've developed a streamlined e-commerce delivery solution that ensures your business is ready to launch rapidly, bringing power an flexibility of open source but with SaaS-like cost control.

At Snowdog, we understand that the success of an e-commerce business hinges on speed, performance, usability and accessibility. That's why we've carefully selected technical partners and integrations to bring you a comprehensive package that not only meets these demands but surpasses them.

With Sparq, you gain a competitive edge in the market while avoiding the typical headaches associated with setting up and scaling an e-commerce business. Sparq Accelerator is compatible with Magento Open Source, Mage-OS and Adobe Commerce.

Is Sparq for you?

Sparq has been designed for businesses who want to close their digital e-commerce gap fast, whether they wish to launch a new platform with speed or require a more agile product development process
to stay responsive to market changes and improve their digital offerings.

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How we do it

Our accelerator empowers you to launch a functional e-commerce site in just 2 weeks, and provides a clear plan for scaling and enhancing the digital experience following the initial launch.

Product launch

Start selling your products online, supported by the established Magento or Adobe Commerce platform.

Payment & Delivery methods

Credit, debit cards and Paypal supported.


A highly customizable homepage designed to sell


A website aligned to your existing visual style and colors

Sparq's Quality

Let us show you all of
Sparq’s features

We also provide additional services on top of the Sparq package

that you can customize to match your needs:


Increased product, inventory, customer and order integration.

UX/UI support

Gain insights into your customer behavior and prioritize your future investments.


Empower your team to manage content and create landing pages for future campaigns such as for a new season or for Black Friday.


Migrate your e-commerce from another platform securely.

E-commerce Enhancement

Post-launch service

After the Go Live, we will collaborate with you to establish a robust e-commerce ecosystem. We'll fine-tune the customer experience and streamline product time-to-market.

We’ll ensure the ongoing security and relevance of your platform continually monitoring and enhancing the customer experience, and facilitating the integration of new features to help your business stay ahead. With Sparq, your e-commerce journey reaches new heights.

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