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Rapid delivery

Less than 4 months from first call to full featured startup marketplace delivery. Built with commercetools platform and modern frontend in MACH approach (Microservices based, API-first, Cloud-native SaaS and Headless).

  • Tech: commercetools
  • Type: marketplace, b2c
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Pepper robot in store

Scale beyond ecommerce is one of the best well known unicorns in CEE retail. Snowdog brought them to Magento and helped with scaling & performance (200 000 orders/day), building unified commerce experience (web, mobile, in-store, robot shop assistant).

  • Tech: Magento Enterprise / Adobe Commerce
  • Type: phygital, b2c
Unified Commerce Services
Military1st website


Military1st is an UK-based cross-border brand that needed help with scaling its Adobe Commerce Cloud to multiple new markets.

  • Tech: Adobe Commerce Cloud
  • Type: retail, b2c
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Pepper robot in store

Analyze & improve

MAGO SA needed a partner to help analyze, unify, design, and build interfaces across various unified retail solutions, including autonomous stores, mobile and stationary POS, and more. The use of Google BigQuery helped unify the checkout process with Adobe Commerce online carts.

  • Tech: Adobe Commerce / various technologies
  • Type: phygital
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