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Ready to unlock the full potential of your e-commerce with an innovative solution that takes your business to new levels of performance and customer satisfaction? As one of the first Partner Agencies of Hyvä Magento Frontend Theme, we are leading the way in the migration, customization, and development of Hyvä. With our expertise in Magento and Adobe Commerce, we can help you harness the power of Hyvä and deliver enhanced performance and an accessible customer experience.
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What is the Hyvä Magento 2 Theme?

Hyvä is an innovative solution for Magento frontend, one of the most popular open source e-commerce platforms. It combines optimal performance and minimalist design to ultimately reduce your dependency on third-party modules and simplify the whole development process, saving businesses costs. To complement this theme, Hyvä brings a set of new features, tools and extensions along with a supportive community of developers with an open source spirit. As an official technical partner of Hyvä, we are ready to help you make the most out of this powerful new framework.

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Digital Accessibility and Hyvä

When it comes to accessibility, we take great pride in our role as a technical partner with a strong focus on ensuring a high level of digital inclusivity, especially in Magento projects. That's why we are proud to contribute to enhancing the accessibility of the Hyvä theme, aligning it with WCAG guidelines. We've helped make it possible for businesses to launch their e-commerce with confidence, knowing they are catering to the needs of all customers, including those facing diverse access limitations and using assistive technologies.


“At Snowdog, we provide an inclusive experience by default—accessible for everyone.

We took on the challenge to make accessibility improvements in Hyvä and our contribution allows your customer group to encompass people with disabilities, elderly people and their families. It leads to better overall UX, UI and accessible code is also clearer to browser's robots. It can boost your SEO score.”

Headshot of Anna Karoń. Anna Karoń, Senior Front-End Developer & Accessibility Specialist

Why choose Hyvä?

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    Reduced complexity, built from scratch: Hyvä is a great alternative for headless/PWA solutions and eliminates the complexities typically associated with out-of-the-box Magento themes.

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    Performance like never before: By drastically reducing the amount of third party scripts, Hyvä achieves Google Lighthouse performance scores of 90-100 by default, which drives great SEO performance too.

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    Reduce your time-to-market: Hyvä is based on the PHP framework that existing Magento developers already know but uses a simplified process, meaning we can start working with it and deploy much faster.

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    So much more: Hyvä is compatible with 350+ compatibility extensions, offers Slack Support, is trusted by 500+ Agencies, is a one-time purchase with updates included, and offers a lower TCO. The Hyvä team is driven by innovation and with a promising roadmap of new features, it is an optimal choice for future-proofing your e-commerce.

Let’s talk about your e-commerce!


“In the end, accessibility is all about treating all customers with respect and showing your clients that you care about them all.

I think this is the only healthy approach to conducting business nowadays. After all, as a business owner, why would you consciously miss out on your clients?”

Headshot of Joanna Pawlik. Joanna Pawlik, Senior Project Manager

What Can We Do for You?

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    Rapid Hyvä Installation and Setup
    Our experienced Frontend Team will help you save time and deliver the ready-to-use theme. We have basic customization options for the theme available in case you'd like to adjust the frontend. It's the fastest, easiest option for you to get started with Hyvä.
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    Custom Hyvä Theme Development
    This is for you if you like the idea of a fast, high-performing and full-featured theme like Hyvä, but your business requires more customization to fit your brand needs. Every brand is different and it's impossible to build an e-commerce that suits everyone - that's where our frontend and UI team come in. Our experienced team members can customize and design a custom front-end for you that will visually and tonally reflect your brand.
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    Migration to Hyvä
    If you are currently using a different theme for your Magento/Adobe Commerce or your e-commerce is using a different platform to market your products we will gladly help you to move from your current platform to a Magento with Hyvä theme. We will help you migrate everything safely and ensure that all of your products, content and data are available and working properly on the new platform.
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    E-commerce Accessibility Audits
    Our Accessibility Experts Team will review your e-commerce and find any accessibility issues within the store. We will help you meet the newest WCAG requirements. Together we will improve and test your e-commerce to ensure that your business is inclusive and user-friendly! Find out more here - Accessibility Subpage.
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    UX/UI Design
    Hyvä is already built as a user-friendly theme, but you can always cater the theme for your customer base so they get a more enjoyable experience and bring you higher lifetime customer value. We can evaluate your current website and UX needs, and provide you with actionable recommendations or even a custom UI solution based on Hyvä. Find out more here - UX/UI Design Services.
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    Optimization, Support and Maintenance 24/7/365
    Once your Hyvä theme is launched we can continue to monitor and optimize it. This includes customizing and modifying Hyvä to meet changing user or business requirements thanks to the theme's high flexibility.

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