Robot Pepper chest with display

The humanoid robot

Snowdog is an official partner of SoftBank Robotics, a worldwide leader in robotics. They create a programmable, emotionally intelligent robot able to learn from interactions and experiences.
A couple smiling and looking at the screen of robot Pepper display.

About Pepper the Robot

SoftBank Robotics' first emotional robot, Pepper, was launched in 2014. Pepper is a kind, friendly and emotional humanoid robot. Designed to be an assistant, Pepper is capable of registering, understanding and reacting to human emotions. Equipped with a 3D camera, omnidirectional wheels and directional microphones, Pepper is interactive, autonomous and ready for intuitive communication.

Pepper is more than a robot as well; Pepper can learn through experiences and is compatible with Android. That means programmers can adapt technologies for Pepper with SoftBank’s software development kit, and constantly improve and expand Pepper’s possibilities.


Pepper enables us to truly push the boundaries of what is possible in terms of a unique and enjoyable commerce experience. Beyond using Pepper as an assistant, Snowdog Research & Development team is now developing new solutions and applications that could make Pepper even smarter and more adaptable to a variety of environments. Currently, we are going to look into how to program Pepper for the following functions:
Robot Pepper standing backwards, with his head turned and looking at the camera.
  • 01
    Pepper is the knowledgable assistant in brick-and-mortar stores, offices or on events, able to welcome people, respond to questions about the venue and guide customers through their shopping experience. The "know it all" robot persistently enthusiastic while sharing information.
  • 02
    Interactions between Pepper and customers
    Improving interactions between Pepper and customers is our main goal as we aim to design Pepper to be as humanly as possible. One of the fields of interest is detecting people and starting a conversation with them which makes the interaction much more natural and advances the user experience.
  • 03
    Integration with technologies
    Machine learning and mobile apps can be integrated with Pepper's tablet display. Today we are connected with MeetMagento app to display in real time information on the event. Tomorrow we plan to advance in products recognition and recommendations.
  • 04
    By engaging customers in a quiz, asking to fill in a survey, offering a promo code and suggesting to take a selfie together, Pepper entertains the potential customer, and at the same time, establishes the first relationship with the store.
A couple passing robot Pepper and waving to him, Pepper also waving to them.


At the heart of our work is a drive to learn and develop cutting-edge technologies to expand the possibilities in commerce. We believe commerce isn’t tied to physical stores, websites and apps. We are certain that exploring robotics and their possibilities can positively impact the customer experience in the future of unified retail commerce.

Keep an eye on our blog for technical advancements with Pepper!

Pepper can be customized! Have a use case in mind? Feel free to contact us and we'll see what can be done!