Unveiling User Insights with Eye Tracking

Harness the power of eye tracking technology to uncover user behaviors, optimize designs, and create engaging online and offline experiences that captivate attention.

What can we do for you

Digital experience insights

Unlock valuable user experience insights through eye tracking on any digital interface, revealing unconscious and natural behaviors that drive data-backed improvements, ensuring your products and services align seamlessly with user preferences.

Shopper experience insights

Elevate the shopping experience by tapping into subconscious behaviors with our eye tracking studies, allowing you to create more engaging store layouts, signage, and marketing materials that resonate with shoppers on a deeper level.

Product merchandising research

Optimize product placement and increase sales with our eye tracking research, which uncovers hidden cognitive biases and instinctual responses, empowering you to enhance product merchandising strategies that resonate with customers.

See the unseen

Eye movements are powerful indicators of emotion, preference, and decision-making. They play a critical role in how we interact with interfaces and marketing efforts, but this is often fleeting and difficult to observe. Eye tracking offers a solution: a research technique that allows you to measure where eyes are focused and how they move while a participant looks at a product, website or physical environment.

The data measured allows for a deeper understanding of how users naturally behave, and can tell you how they respond to stimuli, what they are missing, how they are navigating and how the size and placement of elements affects their attention.

We use the latest technology

Find out how your customers really feel about your product, store or advertisement. Eye tracking allows you to observe users in close-to-natural environments, while testing multiple brand touchpoints online and offline. Because the method is non-declarative, you can even detect subconscious reactions to stimuli. Eye tracking can be applied at various project stages and can help you answer important questions about your ecommerce, physical product or store.

At Snowdog's research lab, we develop methods and test scenarios for each research question and system to be used. Our researchers use Tobii Pro Glasses 3 with the latest version of Tobii Pro Lab research software. Experiments are conducted either on-site or at our in-house facility.

“See through your users' eyes with eye tracking insights. By understanding visual behaviors, we optimize designs for maximum impact, guiding users seamlessly through interfaces. With eye tracking, we turn data into design decisions that create engaging and intuitive digital experiences.”

Kuba Zwoliński

CEO & Founder of Snowdog

How we do it

Test planning

After understanding your goals, we prepare research questions, test scenarios, connect with participants and organize the whole experiment.

Setup & Calibration

To perform the experiment, participants will wear the glasses which are remotely connected to test computer. The glasses are then calibrated with the participant's eyes.


The participant will be asked to explore or perform a task while wearing glasses. The view from the glasses along with the patient's eye path is recorded and monitored in real time via a test computer by the researcher.

Data analysis

After analyzing the session recordings, the data and conclusions gathered from the research and interviews is summarized with possible next steps. In the case of quantitative research, we’ll present the results in the form of a heatmap.


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