A woman exploring her smartphone with an eye tracker.

Eye Tracking Research

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A woman exploring her smartphone with an eye tracker.

Benefits of eye tracking

Find out how your customers really feel about your product, store or advertisement. Eye tracking allows you to observe users in close-to-natural environments, while testing multiple brand touchpoints online and offline. Because the method is non-declarative, you can even detect subconscious reactions to stimuli. Eye tracking can be applied at various project stages and can help you answer important questions about your ecommerce, physical product or store.
Start answering questions like:
  • How easy is it for people to see our current ad?
  • Are users able to find what they’re looking for when given a specific task?
  • How much time are users spending on each page?
  • Is our product easy to use?

Eye tracking use cases

  • 01
    User experience
    Understand how users naturally interact with your website, mobile app or any interface without disruption. You'll find out where people pay attention to, how their focus moves and what parts they miss completely.
  • 02
    Brand & Marketing
    Evaluate how commercials, ads or print media is performing and grabbing user attention. In larger data sets eye tracking can provide significant results about designs and placement.
  • 03
    Shopping experience
    From individual product packaging to large retail stores, eye tracking can be applied in various scenarios across all brand touchpoints to understand how users navigate and verify if your product is receiving visual attention and focus.

How it works

At Snowdog's research lab, we develop methods and test scenarios for each research question and system to be used. Our researchers use Tobii Pro Glasses 3 with the latest version of Tobii Pro Lab research software. Experiments are conducted either on-site or at our in-house facility.

  • 01

    Test planning:
    After understanding your goals, we prepare research questions, test scenarios, connect with participants and organize the whole experiment.

  • 02

    Setup & Calibration:
    To perform the experiment, participants will wear the glasses which are remotely connected to test computer. The glasses are then calibrated with the participant's eyes.

  • 03

    The participant will be asked to explore or perform a task while wearing glasses. The view from the glasses along with the patient's eye path is recorded and monitored in real time via a test computer by the researcher.

  • 04

    Data analysis:
    Data is generated in the form of heat maps (which reveal where and for how long the user gazed at a point) and saccade pathways (which trace the eye's movement between areas of focus). We prepare and analyze the data and draw.

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