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User Experience and Product Design

We create functional and joyful experiences that use technology to build relationships.

What do we do?

We help you connect better with your clients by designing online and offline digital experiences based on research and testing to grow satisfaction, improve usability and reach KPIs.

Strategic   Workshops

Launching a new feature or product? Running a discovery or product workshop with us helps you define the problem, uncover the best ideas, translate them into an actionable roadmap and reach your milestones. We are experienced in coordinating and running workshops involving multiple stakeholders at various stages of projects.

UX   Research

Usability issues can be frustrating and create silent obstacles in your business. Find out how people really use your website and where they are getting stuck. Overcome these issues with practical solutions that put your customers on the right path.

Eye Tracking   studies

For some projects, typical research methods are not enough. Eye tracking gives the unique possibility to go beyond what users say and follow their eyes directly. With Tobii Pro Glasses, our team can observe how people literally see your product and use the resulting data to make it better.

UX   Design

Our UX design process is key to creating and delivering successful experiences. By leveraging data and latest UX methods, we build functional experiences that guide your users to where they need and deliver tangible business results. Our comprehensive offer includes a wide scope of activities; from delivering prototypes and information architectures to full UX review and continued monitoring and support.

UX   Audits

Check how your app or website is performing and measuring up against the competition. Utilizing a wide variety of tools and methods, we check your website metrics, user behavior and audit the usability of your product. We generate recommendations and issues in order of their priority to help you decide the next steps.

UI   Design

From apps, digital interfaces and websites to branding and logo design, our team specializes in translating wireframes and ideas into beautiful designs that speak to your audience. We prioritize usability, functionality and accessibility to ensure your product will meet the needs and expectations of your users.

Our works

Computer on the table with product page and bottle image displayed on the screen.

Drinks online: Unified Commerce Case Study

Enabling better discovery and creating a smooth alcohol shopping experience from web to in-store.

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Why Snowdog UX & Design

Beyond your website  

Our UX team works with mobile apps, tablets, robotics and retail kiosks. If you have a bigger project, we'll make sure it all works together.

Save time and money  

As an agency that also develops and builds web or mobile solutions, we know where issues most often crop up, and we can help you avoid them in the long term.

We build relationships  

You know your customers the best, so we want to work as closely with your team as possible to strengthen those connections. We also provide ongoing support to help you even after implementation to make sure everything is on the right track.

Our process

Every client has different needs unique to their business goals, but we adopt these strategies in every project to ensure that your designs will be user-focused and driven by data.
  • 01
    After defining project scope and goals, we delve deep into your business objectives and analyze the market space. We find out as much as possible about your users and how they are interacting with your site, and find opportunities where you can improve.
  • 02
    After researching and defining the usability goals, we conceptualize, create and build solutions to make your customers happier and more productive.
  • 03
    Verification & Testing
    Verifying the implementation of new designs is critical, and we believe that checking how users interact with your business with each new design iteration can bring in valuable knowledge that informs how your business adapts in future.
  • 04
    After testing we can use the feedback to improve your site. We can iterate this process to gain new data and knowledge, so that as your customers' needs change or evolve, we'll help you adjust your site accordingly.

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