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07 February 2018

The amazing Magento community is one of the reasons SNOW.DOG is passionate about Magento and open-source development and problem-solving. Our passion for innovation and technology could not move so far ahead without the contributions of so many great makers and coders around the world.

The 2018 Magento Masters were recently announced and we are proud to reveal our leader Kuba Zwoliński has been named a 2018 Magento Master, and Bartek Igielski and Marta Molińska have been named among the top 50 contributors to Magento for 2017, in addition to Kuba! This is a great achievement and reflects SNOW.DOG’s  enthusiasm to contribute to the Magento community the best that we can.

kuba zwolinski magento master maker 2018

Kuba has now been named a Magento Master (Maker) for the third year in a row. Magento Makers are community members that frequently contribute to the discussions surrounding Magento. They actively engage with the Magento community, providing useful feedback, insights and thoughts to help the community grow and and innovate. Kuba has given many talks in the past year at tech and Magento conferences in Europe, Asia, North America and Africa, and actively participates in meet ups and other Magento-related activities.

The top 50 contributors to Magento 2017 were also announced, and included two of SNOW.DOG’s members; Bartek and Marta. The members of this list have been recognised for their numerous contributions to Magento events and meet ups, blog posts, contribution to documentation, awareness and education, and forum participation. We are extremely proud that both Bartek, our lead front-end developer and Marta, the organizer of MeetMagento Polska among many other events, have been recognised on this list.

bartek igielski marta molinska magento contributors

Congratulations to Kuba, Bartek & Marta, and to all the other contributors, makers, mentors and movers in the Magento community for all their hard work! We’re looking forward to another year of great innovation and projects :)

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Clara Shen
Clara Shen