A new kind of store featuring the Magento Kiosk app

One of Snowdog’s major clients, eobuwie.pl is not your average retail footwear store. We have worked with them closely to create a completely new and unified customer experience with the introduction of a revolutionary footwear store that combines a physical store with the convenience of online shopping.

This one-of-a-kind store, which opened to customers on Wednesday night, doesn’t keep shoes on shelves, rather, it provides 50 tablets for customers to browse thousands of brands and styles in a physical store. Once shoes are selected, they arrive less than 3 minutes later to the customer to try on and purchase. At the center of this shopping experience is Snowdog’s Magento Kiosk app, developed in-house as part of a unified commerce solution for eobuwie.

Eobuwie store inside

As one of the most innovative stores in Europe, eobuwie combines online shopping with a brick-and-mortar store, and provides a completely new way of experience for all customers, whether they are more comfortable with online or offline shopping.

Why make the Magento Kiosk app?

Eobuwie tablet close look

To complement the unique warehouse-interactive store layout, the Snowdog team developed Magento Kiosk app, an essential component of eobuwie’s omni-channel shopping experience. The app allows clients to browse, find and locate the exact footwear they wanted, and receive the shoes as quickly as possible with no obstacles. We aimed to offer a seamless online-to-offline shopping experience with minimal waiting.

We wanted customers with specific needs and limited time to have the ability to directly access the shoes they want via Magento Kiosk app, while customers who prefer to browse or try on more styles have the option of searching, filtering and browsing thousands of styles, thanks to the adjacent warehouse, which contains over 150,000 products.

Most footwear is currently still purchased offline, so a brick-and-mortar store is great opportunity for online retailers to attract offline customers and convert them to online customers. The physical store allows users to touch, feel and try on shoes, while Magento Kiosk app makes browsing many brands and styles far more efficient.

How does Magento Kiosk app improve customer experience?

Unified commerce
  • The Magento kiosk tablets allow customers to find information they need much quicker than if they needed to wait or find a store assistant. This means customers are less likely to abandon their shopping due to long queues or understaffed stores.
  • Online offers, prices & stock availability are all available in the app without the need for checking with staff.
  • Product filtering and searching provides the convenience of online shopping, but the ability to try shoes on in-store is something that currently cannot be replaced online.
  • If products are out of stock, customers can order them into the store for purchase on the next day. Thanks to the warehouse, online shoppers can also order from the warehouse and have their purchases couriered.
  • Everyone shops differently; we believe the Magento Kiosk app brings together the power of online shopping with the practicality and immediacy of in-store try-on and purchasing.

Unifying offline and online customer experience

eobuwie unified commerce web mobile kiosk app

There is both a website and native mobile app for eobuwie.pl, allowing users to shop online or on their phones. By integrating the features of the digital apps with the offline shopping experience, we believe we can streamline the shopping process for customers, with great potential for converting customers who tend to avoid online shopping. We are also keen to keep integrating further, and potentially incorporate even more features such as check-out into Magento kiosk app.

Impact of Magento Kiosk app

The team at Snowdog is extremely proud of developing and contributing to such an innovative and inclusive approach to customer experience. The Magento Kiosk app and revolutionary store interactivity differentiates eobuwie from other retailers and we look forward to continuing to innovate and enhance the customer experience both offline and online.


Most Innovative Customer Experience

Snowdog is extremely proud to have been awarded Most Innovative Customer Experience at the 2018 Magento Imagine Excellence Awards in Vegas last week for this project and our work with eobuwie on this innovative store concept. The whole team is to thank for this great achivement, and our superb client eobuwie.pl for sharing this dream with us. We look forward to further pushing the boundaries of customer experience, technology and commerce excellence!