Boosting E-Commerce Performance: N69.pl's Upgrade with Hyvä Themes for Enhanced User Experience

Explore detailed case study on the redesign of n69.pl, a leading erotic gadget retailer. This project led by Snowdog, focused on revamping n69.pl and its associated platforms using the Hyvä Theme and Hyvä Checkout, aiming to enhance user experience and performance.


N69.pl is an erotic gadget retailer offering products both online and in a physical store in Warsaw, Poland. The store boasts nearly 57,000 products. Customers predominantly discover n69.pl through advertisements or price comparison websites, with most opting to use the mobile site.

The primary objective was to develop a new, functional graphic design using the Hyvä Theme and  Hyvä Checkout for n69.pl's online stores, available in both Polish and Czech and prepare for the launch of further dedicated shops for overseas markets. The project aimed to not only mirror the functionality of the existing production site using new Hyvä modules but to also enhance its performance, with a special emphasis on optimizing the mobile experience. Snowdog partnered with Centuria team, who managed the setup of the server infrastructure.

Iphone with view of n69.pl website in mobile version, on the left side there are parameters showing: performance at 89%, accessibility at 100% , best practices 100% and SEO 100%


Performance improvement

We aimed at improving the performance of n69.pl store, specifically targeting a loading time of under one second and providing an optimal shopping experience that lead to higher user satisfaction, increased sales, and sustained business growth.

New Version of Magento

New updated Magento versions provide advanced security features and compliance mechanisms, ensuring adherence to the most current online safety and data protection standards.

Process & Database optimization

We set out to optimize processes and database operations to achieve unparalleled performance and security standards. This leads to faster page responses and smoother transactions, significantly improving overall customer experience.

Transfer functionality to new modules

The challenge was to transfer the current functionality to simpler and faster Hyvä modules and conform to WCAG regulations.


One of the biggest challenges in working on the project was optimizing the loading of related products colors on the product listing page without reloading all the content using AJAX. To solve this problem, we used ecomdev/magento2-product-data-preloader tool created by Magento performance expert Ivan Chepurny. The tool simplifies the aggregate data access for products loaded as part of a collection.

The challenge for the frontend team was to redesign the store and reimplement a custom functionality from the old store as integral to Hyvä's new modules while also maintaining performance.

Before deployment, Centuria team carried out comprehensive performance tests, which enabled them to optimize server configurations and identify potential vulnerabilities.

Iphone with a view of the n69.pl website in the mobile version, above the phone there is an indicator of the page loading speed of 0.5 seconds

Our solution

The graphic shows a mockup of a tablet with a keyboard, which displays the checkout of the n69 website

Hyvä Checkout

The checkout is the biggest pain point of any online store. Hyvä Checkout offers a streamlined and lightning-fast checkout experience, optimizing conversion rates and enhancing user satisfaction for Magento sites. Hyvä Checkout is built with Magewire, which is foremost a PHP driven technology.

Laptop with Hyva logo on the screen, icons with clock and graphs, suggesting speed of operation

Hyvä Theme

Hyvä Theme provides a lightweight and customizable design framework, ensuring visually appealing and responsive storefronts that load quickly across devices.

Laptop screen showing Magento Page Builder menu

Magento Page Builder

Page Builder was integrated for its flexible, intuitive content management capabilities, facilitating the creation and modification of site content without extensive technical expertise.

The graphic shows two  iphones, on whose screensg the checkuot of the n69.pl website is displayed. The phone on the left shows the choice of delivery method and the phone on the right shows the choice of payment method.

New delivery and payments methods

The introduction of new delivery and payment methods was instrumental in enhancing user convenience and expanding payment options. Checkout changes the typical arrangement of checkout blocks and allows orders to be placed by entering only a phone number for pickup at automated locations. We provided compatibility modules for Polish payment and delivery providers e.g. Orlen Paczka with Hyvä Checkout. Chck out our all free Hyvä Checkout compatibility modules.

Laptop with view of n69.pl website, at the bottom there are parameters showing: performance at 100%, accessibility at 92% , best practices 89% and SEO 100


Hyvä itself is the best performance booster, but we made sure to equip it with other high performance components.

We implemented image proxy to optimize the loading of images and cloned photos (image formats including WEBP and AVIF thus reducing the load on Magento itself by implementing ImgProx).

Together with our preferred extension provider Amasty, we introduced enhancements to the Omnibus module to efficiently handle large pricing and promotion data - typically a major challenge for retailers in Europe that work heavily with promotions.

A person holding a cell phone with the n69.pl store displayed on the screen. On the bottom left is an icon symbolizing digital accessibility.


To make sure that n69.pl will be ADA and EAA compliant, we prioritized a clear and transparent design that adheres to accessibility standards, ensuring that all users can navigate our platform with ease. Throughout each stage of the website's design and development, we meticulously integrated navigation features that are fully compatible with screen readers, enhancing the shopping experience for visually impaired users.

Significant emphasis was also placed on providing detailed descriptions for buttons, images, and other interactive elements, facilitating a more intuitive and accessible online environment for all customers.

 A close-up of a metal grille protecting the servers, on the top right is the Centuria company logo


Together with our long term Magento-specialized infrastructure partner Centuria, for this project  we decided to choose managed servers built to specification, highly powerful and with increased security.

Centuria used a single HPE DL360 Gen9 server, effectively balancing cost and performance. This server is outfitted with dual Intel Xeon E5-2696 processors and is configured for easy future expansion, featuring additional RAM and disk slots.


Easier content management

on the website and blogs.


Thanks to dedicated improvements and optimizations, the performance of the online store has significantly improved, providing a faster and more reliable shopping experience.


The collaboration has yielded a highly functional and cost-effective infrastructure solution. With 24/7 support from Centuria administrators all year round, full e-commerce security is guaranteed.


The new n69.pl online store is an optimized website with a focus on accessibility. ADA/EAA compliant.


New functional design to support users' shopping experience.

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