Enhancing Timetrend's e-commerce platform with Magento and Hyvä Checkout integration

Explore how we updated the Timetrend.pl customer experience with Magento Open Source and Hyvä Checkout, optimizing performance, improving usability, and effectively streamlining operations, all within a tight timeframe.


Timetrend is a well-established watch-selling company specializing in watches and accessories. With a network of retail shops throughout Poland, Timetrend operates a large e-commerce platform to serve its customers.

They initially migrated to Magento and managed three separate websites, catering to B2C, B2B clients, and their own brand, Scalar. Their ultimate goal was to merge these websites into one comprehensive platform that would serve both B2B and B2C customers.


Smooth Platform Transition

Successfully migrate Timetrend's e-commerce to Magento Open Source to achieve a more streamlined and cost-effective architecture.

Enhanced Checkout Experience

Implement the Hyvä checkout solution to create a more developer-friendly and faster checkout process, including integration with InPost and tpay.

Improved Website Performance

Optimize the website's speed and reliability to provide a better user experience and reduce errors.

Clean Up and Modernization

Remove outdated elements, streamline integrations, and eliminate unnecessary modules to create a cleaner and more efficient e-commerce platform.


The project faced several challenges, such as an initial lack of staging environments, resource constraints, and the absence of comprehensive documentation.

The site had accumulated approximately 300 modules, many of which were unclear in their purpose and had outdated code, and strict deadlines further added to the complexity of the project.


ERP Integration

One significant aspect of the project involved new integrations with ERP software. We employed a microservice architecture to synchronize orders, utilizing REST API for seamless communication. Timetrend were able to add changes to their ERP interface and order flow, transforming the entire company's processes.

Going live with Hyvä

Despite the challenges, we migrated Timetrend to a new platform and theme with updated designs, all within 5 months. The improvements achieved were significant and included the successful integration of Hyvä checkout, updates to the site's design, and smoother user interactions thanks to a clearer and user-friendly interface.

Performance optimization, particularly through the use of Hyvä technology, made the site faster and reduced errors. Every module was made compatible with the Hyvä checkout, and frontend improvements were implemented.


Successful E-commerce Platform Migration and Optimization

In summary, our collaboration with Timetrend resulted in the successful migration of their e-commerce platform to Magento OpenSource with Hyvä checkout integration. The project improved performance, streamlined operations, and enhanced the user experience, ultimately meeting the client's objectives and delivering a highly effective e-commerce platform.

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