Hyvä Checkout is a streamlined, performance-oriented front-end checkout solution for Magento 2, designed to enhance the user experience with faster load times, a simplified interface, and modern design principles. Explore a set of Hyvä Checkout compatibility modules for Poland's leading shipping and payment providers that online stores work with, developed by Snowdog team.

Hyvä Checkout

Hyvä Checkout is another product from the Hyvä Themes team to revolutionize working with the Magento platform. This time the target is the ordering process. As with their base product, the primary goal is to simplify the work on the ordering page. Additionally we get lightweight and moder technology stack. Replacing previous knockout.js based means disliked effect of page elements popping-in will not longer discouragey your customers. Here, the customer will immediately see a full and efficient page. As a store owners, we practically get a two-in-one offer right away - together with the base module come two configurations already ready: placing an order on one screen or broken into two steps (address data; payment).

Hyvä Checkout view screen
Hyvä Checkout screen view: order summary with total amount to pay
Hyvä Checkout screen view: choice of PayU payment method


The technological base of the solution is the Magewire library - built by Hyvä Themes team members along the lines of the Livewire library created by the creator of alpine.js - the library on which the JavaScript solutions of the base skin from Hyvä Themes are based. Magewire allows you to build loosely coupled frontend components, they communicate with Magento with their own dedicated communication channel - this is a significant convenience from the point of view of an extension developer, it gives a solid foundation for work at which we can focus on what actually needs to be done and not waste time on solving repetitive problems of the platform.

Compatibility modules

The introduction of a completely new way of interacting with the customer on the ordering page unfortunately means that the components responsible for the additional logic of payment or shipping methods must be adapted to the new technology.

Therefore, we have prepared a set of compatibility modules for the leading Polish shipping and payment providers that our Polish customers work with. The modules are based on the existing plug-ins of these providers, if you already had a well-configured plug-in you just need to install our module to enjoy integration with Hyvä Checkout.

You can find the modules on our GitHub and in public packagist repositories for easy installation with the composer tool.

Screen view of Snowdog's account on the GitHub platform.


The compatibility module for DHL retains all the features offered by the basic module when placing an order: we can choose from among several delivery methods offered by this service provider, including delivery to a point. With courier service, we can use the "deliver to neighbor" service.

Screen view from Hyvä Checkout with delivery option selected as "DHL Courier".
Screen from Hyva Checkout with delivery option selected as "DHL Parcelshop". The screenshot also shows a map for selecting a pickup point.


The PayU compatibility module allows you to:

  • Selecting in the checkout one of the payment methods supported by the gateway and being redirected to it after placing the order.
  • Pay by card directly on the ordering page.
  • Saving cards in the customer's account as secure tokens and paying with the saved cards on the next order.
Screen View from selection of payment method with "PayU - Cards" option selected.
Screen view from the selection of the payment method with the option "PayU - Cards" selected, below is a field for entering credit card details.
Sreen view from the selection of the payment method with the option "PayU" selected, below are the logos of Apple Pay, twiso, Google Pay, among others.


The compatibility module allows you to open the Inpost GeoWidget and select a parcel machine when placing an order.

Screen view from the selection of available parcel machines on the map.

Screen view from selection of delivery method "Inpost" and selected parcel machine

Sandander Consumer Bank

The compatibility module for Sandander Consumer Bank adds a requirement to accept the consumer credit terms and conditions when placing an order. After placing an order, the customer will find a button on the summary page that takes them to the credit application form.

Screen view of payment method selection and selected, selected option "Santander Consumer Bank installments"

PayPo Payments

Thanks to PayPo's compatibility module, after placing an order, the customer will be transferred to the system to complete the credit application for deferred payment there.

Screen view of the payment method selection and the selected option "PayPo - pay in 30 days".

TPay Payments

The TPay payment compatibility module allows you to directly enter your BLIK code when placing an order or select one of the payment types supported by the gateway.

The module is compatible with the older version of the TPay module (tpaycom/magento2basic), the latest version of the TPay module offering simplified Easy On-Site payments.

Screen view of payment method selection and selected, selected option "tpay - fast online payments". Below is the Blik logo with a box for entering the code.  Even lower are the logos of various payment gateways and banks.

More recently, as part of the on-site functionality, payment methods supported by TPay can be displayed as separate payment methods - not as one method within which the customer must later select a payment provider.

Screen view showing a great variety of payment methods to choose from for the user who wants to make purchases from the online store.

New on-site payments allow you to pay by card directly on the site along with the ability to save your card for future purchases.

Screen View showing selection of payment method as "tpay card" and fields for entering new credit card details.


Integrating Hyvä Checkout with compatible shipping and payment modules is essential for creating a smooth, efficient, and user-friendly checkout experience tailored to the Polish market.

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