Hyvä Checkout On Polish Market: Hyvä Magewire Checkout compatibility modules for polish payment and delivery providers.

Hyvä Checkout is a streamlined, performance-oriented front-end checkout solution for Magento 2, designed to enhance the user experience with faster load times, a simplified interface, and modern design principles. Explore a set of Hyvä Checkout compatibility modules for Poland's leading shipping and payment providers that online stores work with, developed by Snowdog team.

Written by Kamil Balwierz

4 Best practices for e-commerce menus

Explore four best practices to enhance the customer experience on your e-commerce platform while also delving into the importance of choosing the right menu module for your needs, specifically for Magento.

Written by Clara Shen

MVP - why is it so important? Project Manager's Perspective

How often do you meet projects with an indefinite deadline? The business is constantly dissatisfied, adds another important functionality, and as a result, you still have an unfinished product for the customer. And this is where MVP can help. Work out an MVP with the client such that it gives satisfactory business value to the project. Control business and technological changes versus your MVP. Don't be afraid to change the MVP, but still stick to the definition that this is the minimum version of the product.

Written by Dorota Samulak
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