Appawards 2014 – TPN wins the prize!

19 November 2014

We’re very happy to announce that our application – Tatra Mountain National Park – was chosen by the internauts this years best Android app in the Education category.
The crowd vote was held as a part of the Appaward contest organised by the Appaward is an annual polish app contest, divided in two parts: internauts vote, and jury vote.
This years edition was packed with great apps, nominated in 6 different categories : Business, finances and banking; Entertainment; Tools; Media; Education; and Others. Further divided
to iOS, Android and Windows Phone operating systems.



 Kasia presenting Tatra National Park app athe the Appawards 2014


It’s a good moment to take a peek at Tatra Mountain National Park application, which has a number of features that are highly valued among the users: professional mountain climbers and regular tourists. Tatra mountains are full of amazing sights, views and trails (both easy and challenging), that attracts every year people from all over the world. Thanks to TPN app planning daily climbs,
points of interest we want to visit, checking the current weather, checking our position on the map thanks to GPS, reading guides about the trails, or sharing photos taken during the trip is extremely easy.

Trails and Points of Interest

Tatra mountains have plenty of trails, ready to take you out on great adventures. Real time GPS localization accompanied with precise maps is a great help to every tourist. The app has built in database of all popular trails and points of interests, so planning your trip is as easy as it can be. Additionally thanks to the Points Of Interests markers layered on the maps, you won’t miss any interesting place in the mountains. Professional trail descriptions also allows you to assess your skills and choose the track that’s right for you or your family. Expanding your knowledge about the Mountains, history and environment is also possible, as plenty information of each place is present within the app.

Recording your adventures

You chose the trail, checked the weather, and you’re ready to roll out on the mountain trip. How about recording it, so you’ll have a chance to show it to your friends back home? How about adding photos taken during the trip, directly to the recorded route? Thanks to the TPN app, it’s all at the palm of your hand. Who doesn’t want to relive the memories taking the trip again on the map, at home?


The app was designed in a way that allows proper offline work, drastically prolonging phones battery life. It is especially important during the emergency situations. As lovely as mountains looks,
they can become a dangerous place in the blink of an eye, and there’s nothing more important than safety. To help everyone be safe app consists of information on some important topics:

  • Special guidelines to mountain climbing
  • National Park announcements
  • Weather and avalanche forecasts
  • Emergency phone numbers

Summing it up

Mountain tourism was brought to the new standards with the TPN app. Very plausible user response reassured us that innovations like that are anticipated. Gathering all the important informations
in one place, backed up by the friendly UI and overall great app experience is the key to making peoples life easier and safer. But after all the life is all about others, it’s all about you!

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Appawards 2014 winners! Great job guys, see you all next year!

This years Appawards was the huge blast. People recognizing our application as the best Educational app was very pleasant experience. We’re hoping to meet new standards next year, and go beyond new horizons with app design. Hopefully next year we’ll also get the Jury award, as our team is taking huge efforts in learning cutting-edge mobile technology and design.
We’d also like to congratulate all the winners and participants – you were all great, and awards you earned were truly deserved.

See you all next year, happy coding!

Michal Pawlowski
Michal Pawlowski