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We proudly collaborate with SoftBank Robotics, a global pioneer in robotics. Together, we bring to life a programmable and emotionally intelligent robots that can acquire knowledge from its interactions and experiences. Meet Pepper and NAO



In 2014, SoftBank Robotics introduced its inaugural emotional robot, Pepper. Pepper is an affable and emotionally attuned humanoid robot, purpose-built to serve as a helpful assistant. With the ability to recognize, comprehend, and respond to human emotions, Pepper boasts a range of interactive features, including a 3D camera, omnidirectional wheels, and directional microphones, enabling it to engage in autonomous and intuitive communication.

Moreover, Pepper transcends traditional robotics by learning through its experiences and being Android-compatible. This means that programmers can harness SoftBank's software development kit to tailor technologies for Pepper, continually enhancing and broadening its capabilities.



NAO stands at a modest height of 60 cm and is a creation of Aldebaran Robotics, a company based in Paris, France, and a part of the United Robotics Group. This remarkable humanoid robot made its debut in 2008 and has undergone several iterations since. NAO finds wide-ranging utility in educational and research contexts, even trying its hand at sports through participation in the robotic football league, RoboCup.

NAO's sensory arsenal includes 7 touch sensors on its head, hands, and feet, in addition to sonars, two 2D cameras, and an internal unit for self-localization and spatial mapping. Equipped with built-in microphones and speakers, NAO excels in human interaction, understanding speech in 20 languages and responding intelligently.

What can we do for you


Pepper  and NAO are knowledgable assistants in brick-and-mortar stores, offices or on events, able to welcome people, respond to questions about the venue and guide customers through their shopping experience. The "know it all" robot persistently enthusiastic while sharing information.

Improving Interactions

Improving interactions between robots and customers is our main goal as we aim to design them to be as humanly as possible. One of the fields of interest is detecting people and starting a conversation with them which makes the interaction much more natural and advances the user experience.

Integration with technologies

Machine learning and mobile apps can be integrated with robots's tablet display. We plan to advance in products recognition and recommendations.


By engaging customers in a quiz, asking to fill in a survey, offering a promo code and suggesting to take a selfie together, Pepper and NAP entertain the potential customer, and at the same time, establishes the first relationship with the store.

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