Transforming Sanpol's B2B e-commerce Platform with Magento

We transformed Sanpol's e-commerce platform by making huge upgrades to their B2B and B2C platforms, integrating SAP and PIM, and improving website performance, resulting in increased revenue and client satisfaction.


Sanpol is a prominent B2B and B2C e-commerce company specializing in bathroom and plumbing supplies. With a vast product catalog comprising over 100,000 SKUs and a clientele of more than 1,000 B2B clients, Sanpol is a major player in its market.

They initially migrated to Magento and managed three separate websites, catering to B2C, B2B clients, and their own brand, Scalar. Their ultimate goal was to merge these websites into one comprehensive platform that would serve both B2B and B2C customers.


Efficient Migration to Magento

Successfully migrate Sanpol's e-commerce platform from its initial state to Magento and subsequently to Adobe Commerce to leverage the capabilities of these platforms.

Integration with SAP and PIM

Integrate the e-commerce platform with SAP to manage complex client hierarchies and rules, as well as a Product Information Management (PIM) system to ensure accurate and up-to-date product information.

Performance Optimization

Optimize the website's performance, making it faster and more reliable despite a vast product catalog and complex pricing structures.

Improved User Experience

Enhance user experience by implementing features such as customizable homepage elements for different customer groups, loyalty programs, and complex price calculations per product, promotion, customer group, and individual customer.

Streamlined Operations

Ensure smooth operations by integrating all systems, including Magento, SAP, PIM, and Mautic (Marketing Automation), to create a cohesive and efficient business ecosystem.


The project came with a multitude of challenges, including extensive integrations, dynamic requirements, evolving client ideas, and the incorporation of external systems like SAP and PIM.


Our partnership with Sanpol has spanned seven years and counting, during which we undertook the task of maintaining their extensive e-commerce platform. As their existing B2B system became outdated and inefficient, Sanpol sought a solution that could modernize their sales processes, integrate seamlessly with their internal systems, and provide a superior user experience.

This led to the decision to migrate to Magento, and later, Adobe Commerce. The project's complexity stemmed from intricate integrations with SAP for managing complex client hierarchies and rules, as well as a Product Information Management system.

E-commerce Strategy

The project aimed to address the issues of Sanpol's old platform by providing a faster, more efficient website despite the vast product catalog and complex pricing structures.

The integration of Magento, SAP, PIM, and Mautic streamlined the company's operations, allowing for efficient management of all integrations and marketing automation systems.


Sanpol Project Yields Impressive Results

The results of this project were impressive. Sanpol experienced a notable increase in revenue, acquiring more orders and clients. The marketing team found it significantly easier to update website promotions and offers, while the Magento CMS made website management more user-friendly. Despite the project's complexity, it was launched within a year after the design phase.

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