SNOW.DOG is proudly sponsoring Imagine 2017

02 March 2017

After last year’s experience in Las Vegas, who wouldn’t like to go back to the most spectacular Magento event? Also this year SNOW.DOG decieded to sponsor this unique conference, hoping for meeting old friends, meeting new business partners and have fun all along. Magento Imagine is a magic mixture of business approach, Magento-centric initiatives, engaged, creative people and inspiring atmosphere.

2500+ merchants, Magento Solution Partners, eCommerce service providers and Magento enthousiasts are coming to Las Vegas, Nevada on the beginning of April. It is only 2 months left to this special time – a “Magento Chirstmas”.  For those who still hesitate – have a look at the Agenda: a lot of dev-oriented workshops, business related presentations and interactive sessions. Adding special keynotes, marketplace and networking opportunities – this year’s Imagine looking very promising!

One of a kind initiative that gained a lot of publicity and Magento community engagement is #RoadToImagine. Last year it was a 5-day motocycle trip by Brendan Falkowski, Bret Rasmussen, Steve Deckert and Kuba Zwoliński who travelled around the 7 states to finish their journey in Wynn Hotel, literally!
This year all 4 of them are going to make the trip even longer, more challenging and more off-road. Update: they will do it completely different way, check it out at Don’t forget to follow  #RoadToImagine on Twitter/Instagram?Facebook and to add pictures from your own way of getting to Las Vegas. Let’s all be part of the global flow that brings us all to Imagine.

Last year our key product we wanted to share with all Imagine attendees was Magebutton. A button that can order a predefined cart in your shop, send notofications to your e-mail address and pay for your purchase with stored credit card data. This year we plan to have a few new omnichannel ideas to show. More information coming soon.

However, we are aware that it’s not all about omnichannel – sexy and innovative trend in eCommerce. Backend integrations are as much important (if not more). That’s why we plan to schedule free consultations on SAP-Magento integrations held together with Bilot, SAP certified Partner. There will be 5 slots each day, so make sure you book one of them for your company.

Contact us to schedule a consultation or if you would like to learn more.

We also have a good news for frontend developers – Bartek Igielski (known on Twitter as Igloczek) is coming with us too, so there will be a chance to ask him about front tools for Magento 2 and maybe join a community-driven project lead by SNOW.DOG.

3 days and so much to do! 5 of our SNOW.DOG team members will be available at booth 11 for all the marketplace time. Fluffy snowdogs are going to flood the Imagine venue. How to get one? More details coming soon!



Marta Molinska
Marta Molinska