NeedApp Hackathon – Project Needs Partner

19 March 2015

You could already read about our mobile teams representing at NeedApp Hackathon before. Today I’m going to present to you our second app – dedicated to iOS devices – Project Needs Partner that won the 3rd prize in the contest.

Application main purpose is extremely simple – to enable graduates to establish cooperation with other graduates, students, scientists and university partners.  It allows user to create a project and specify job/support positions that are needed. You can select skills that are required for each job position. Then users can browse projects or look for them specifying custom filtering options. When they find it, they can apply for a job in chosen project. Author of the project may approve or reject the application. If the application is approved, app allows the author to contact with an applicant.

After 24 hours of working on the app, it was quite complex but still needed some polishing.During our presentation we declared that in the next 24 hours of work we could make it fully working – so we did :). It’s written in Swift, which is Apple’s new dynamically developing programming language. Moreover it’s backed by Parse cloud database that is very simple solution for storing application’s data in the cloud.  We’ve decided that we would publish its source code on GitHub, so that other people could also benefit from our work. Please enjoy!

Rafał Kwiatkowski
Rafał Kwiatkowski