It’s here: Magento 2 fully available

18 November 2015


Magento 2.0 available

DSC_4584It is an important date: 18 November 2015. This time for real – Magento 2 launch time. During MagentoLive in Australia long awaited 2.0 version became finally available. We are happy to be a part of this community excitement in the new era of Magento world.

On each and every edition of Meet Magento Poland we could observe how the new version was growing, how it was being prepared for the release, what it was struggling with and how close (or far) we were from this important moment. For years, we have been preparing ourselves so we could support our clients and offer the best quality of Magento 2 development. Having in mind the complexity of preparation process, we are very happy to declare full readiness.

Working with Magento 2

While constantly supporting our projects running on Magento, we already started working with the new version. We have been participating in workshops and trainings and our Snowdog folks were a part of hackathon teams building new Magento 2 modules (hackathon results are published on GitHub).

DSC_4660We are excited to work in this new environment. Magento 2 gives an innovative perspective and whole new level of flexibility in creating solutions for eCommerce. We are happy to witness this historical change and be a part of it as Magento 2 Trained Solution Partner. We keep our minds open and looking forward to work on this new playground. Time to get things done.

Kuba Zwolinski
Kuba Zwolinski