Amasty – Snowdog’s new partner in business

28 February 2014

We’re proud and excited to have become a part of Amasty’s big happy family.

What does this co-operation mean to you?

Now as a partner of Amasty we’ll be able to carve your online store exactly to your expectations with more great, ready to use extensions. Experienced Magento software developers will be ready to adjust Amasty’s modules to fit you like a glove. And offer dedicated support if needed. Whether you need an easy-to-go-through checkout process, reliable delivery or products presented in a way your customers almost feel like touching and smelling them… Doesn’t matter. With Amasty extensions we can handle it all. And more.

With over 4 years of breathing, chewing, digesting Magento and having developed over 90 extensions, Amasty has truly deserved to become Platform’s Bronze Industry Partner. Now, thanks to our close partnership, we can season your online store with loads of piquant functionalities and spice it up with great extensions. Bon apetit.

Kuba Zwolinski
Kuba Zwolinski