Creating impact and nurturing exploration with an interactive app at Meet Hydrogen Roadshow

As a partner of Meet Hydrogen initiatives and events, we helped them make a splash at the Meet Hydrogen Roadshow this year by launching an interactive app in less than 3 months with the potential for ongoing marketing impact and educational applications.


Meet Hydrogen Roadshow is a traveling hub that visits cities across Greater Poland, offering a chance for locals, students and business leaders to learn about the hydrogen economy and its potential impact on industries, energy storage and usage.

Visitors can see equipment fueled by hydrogen, conduct interactive experiments, and explore the importance of green energy. The roadshow also features partner stands, lectures, and meetings with industry experts, and a dedicated science zone for the youngest visitors.


Creating the Meet Hydrogen app

Design a digital experience that complements and enhances visitor exploration at the roadshow with iOS and Android native apps

Additional services

Develop games, quizzes, educational and marketing content to create lasting impact and relationships with app users.


Enabling users to find, identify and scan relevant QR codes in a busy, potentially crowded physical environment while using the app.

Crafting a high quality user experience with interactive features and launching the app in a short timeframe


Experience design

Our team had prior experience working with Meet Hydrogen and understood their mission and objectives. We recognized that developing an app would not only serve as an educational tool but also as a marketing asset for the organization and its government and industry partners. To create an MVP prototype for the app, we analyzed feedback and materials from the previous year's roadshow and designed a simplified version with interactive quizzes and an about section leading to additional content that could generate website leads.

We performed small design sprints to ensure the UI designs were efficient and to facilitate smooth communication with developers to ensure timely feature releases. Adopting this approach allowed us to focus on gradually releasing more exciting features, such as the selfie-frame, educational quizzes, and flashcards.

Interactive and educational features

The main screen of the app allows users to engage more deeply with the Roadshow exhibits and displays. With the provision of QR codes on main stations of the event, users are guided by the app to scan and play the quiz on their own phone.

The About section, on the other hand, helps the app support organizational goals, such as awareness around Meet Hydrogen and their mission. Finally, we added some fun features (selfie frame, quiz, flashcards) that will keep the app not only relevant but provide some ongoing and dynamic content that will allow for continued communication and engagement with users even after the event's conclusion.


Mobile app development

Both apps were created natively using Kotlin and Jetpack Compose for Android and Swift with Swift UI on iOS. Creating a simple app with newest UI toolkits was fun, fast and satisfying for our team, and such applications can easily be expanded incorporating additional screens and navigation elements. We extensively utilized Firebase tools as the backend for managing app content and generating app links in QR codes.

These codes redirect users to the appropriate app store based on their platform, or open the quiz upon scanning a QR code at a specific location. Additionally, Firebase was used to send push notifications when we launched new educational features that can be explored after the roadshow. We choose Firebase because it allows significant flexibility in determining the app's content and release timeline, without waiting for complete backend work and can leverage the flexibility of a NoSQL database.



Meet Hydrogen app

The app was released in time for the Meet Hydrogen roadshow, where it was downloaded by over 200 participants, who used it to explore the exhibits, panels and earn prizes.

Quick update

We were able to launch an update quickly with new educational features and there is opportunity to continue scaling the app and developing new content and functionalities for future impact.

“Working with the Snowdog team was an absolute pleasure. Despite challenging timelines and ambitious goals, they went above and beyond to deliver a superb app that captured the attention of numerous visitors. Their responsiveness and ability to adapt to changing circumstances were truly impressive. I couldn't be happier with the results and highly recommend working with this exceptional team.”

Łukasz Lindner

Technical Coordinator,
Meet Hydrogen Roadshow

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