SNOW.DOG leads community frontend project with Magento

22 May 2016

For the past couple of months we have been working on Frontend Tools and Sass blank theme for Magento 2. It is available on Github and for some time it attracts attention of many frontend developers. The idea was to make a front-devs life easier and contribute to the Magento community so everybody could benefit from the work that we have found necessary.

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We are really happy about the feedback and recognition. It was unexpected, but very encouraging. The attention that is focused on our tools gives us even better motivation to work on improvements and further development.

We didn’t wait long for the community reaction:

Today we are very happy to confirm that we will work on a project together with Magento. The goal is to adjust migration from Less to Sass that we have created in the way it fits to Magento core.  On his blog Alan Kent tells more about Less and Sass differences, reasons of the decision that was made and how SNOW.DOG will lead the community project.

The idea is to develop the new Sass files as a community project, get feeedback from multiple interested parties, and then merge into Magento 2 at a future date. Alan Kent

The plan is to finish the project before the end of 2016. Read more on Alan’s blog and follow SNOW.DOG on Twitter, we will keep on updating you on any relevant changes and if you want to contribute – just drop us a line. It’s a community project after all!

Kuba Zwolinski
Kuba Zwolinski