SNOW.DOG at VueConf 2017

20 July 2017

Snowdog Frontend Team was pleased to take part in The world’s first Official Vue.js Conference which took place in Wroclaw. We had been all interested in this front-end framework before, but nobody assumed the event would take place in Poland.

Speakers and talks

During two inspiring days of the conference, experienced Vue.js developers shared their knowledge, tools and code:

  • Alex and Sebastien Chopin presented their framework – Nuxt.js which allows to build server-side rendered applications or generate them as static files.
  • Callum Macrae showed us how to create accessible elements, explained and presented why it’s so important.
  • Sean Larkin showed how code splitting works in Vue and how we can simply use it in our projects.
  • Filipa Lacerda told us how Gitlab team used Vue and achieved better performance.
  • Sarah Drasner explored the magic world of creating web animation in Vue.
  • Pine Wu presented Vetur – editor extension that brings .vue files support and other handy features like linting, formatting, auto-completion etc. transforming simple editor in useful front-end IDE.
  • In a great two part live-coding session, Eric Baer and Guillaume Chau showed us how GraphQL work, how we can use it and integrate with Apollo and Vue.

…and many more great topics about PWA, testing, scaling, Firebase integration, tuning performance or even writing a book about Vue. There were also two truly great lightning talks sessions and discussion panel with Evan You, Pine Wu, Sean Larkin, Sarah Drasner.


We wondered how Vue compares to other front-end frameworks, for example Angular.

Most of the people said, they moved to Vue.js from Angular because they were not satisfied and somehow tired of it. Of course there were also some other more specific project and technical related issues. What Evan said was that Vue has the same qualities as React and Angular, but brings you happiness and you need to try this solution by yourself.

Not surprising, but promising, the feedback among Vue enthusiasts was very positive. Besides many technical features which improve performance, usability and quality of created apps, coding in Vue offers interesting possibilities in web development and is simply a great front-end fun.

The atmosphere was really good, everything was well scheduled. Frequent coffee breaks let us talk with developers who use Vue.js in their projects and ask about their thoughts, experience and motivation for working with this framework. We also had the opportunity to meet members of popular open-source projects (such as webpack). The fantastic vibe during the event reminded us about Meet Magento in Poland, the conference we can’t wait for.


The framework created in 2013 as a side project has become a serious, mature player and Github’s second most starred project in a front-end frameworks area, beating it’s great Google’s rival – Angular. It is incredible how quickly it grows and how many companies migrate their current stacks to Vue.

We had two fascinating and well-consumed front-end days, fortunately we didn’t miss it. Thanks for a great VueConf! Now we’re waiting for the next edition, put us on the list! Keeping fingers crossed so that it takes place in Poland too! ☺

Further reading and watching

Bartek Igielski
Bartek Igielski