The Role of Load Time in E-commerce

Unlock the true potential of your online store with our insightful blog post, "The Role of Load Time in E-commerce: Decoding Crucial Statistics and Its Impact on Conversions." Delve into the often underestimated world of site speed and its pivotal role in your e-commerce success. Discover how a matter of seconds can make or break user experience, conversion rates, and even search engine rankings. Gain actionable insights into load time optimization strategies, ensuring your e-commerce platform thrives in a competitive digital landscape. Don't miss out on this essential read that could reshape your online business performance.

Written by Damian Harateh

Why Hyvä is the Best Choice for Most Magento Stores

Picking how your online store looks and works in Magento or Adobe Commerce is a big deal. It affects how much it costs to build your store and how much stuff you'll sell later on. Basically, the way your store looks and works is critical to how much people actually enjoy shopping there. There are lots of choices you can pick from, but there's one that really stands out—it's called Hyvä Theme. In this article, I'll explain why I, as someone who builds the front end part of stores and websites, think that choosing Hyvä is probably the smartest move for your business.

Written by Ola Frankowska

How to Use Accessible Names Properly to Easily Improve Accessibility of Your Website? aria-label, aria-labeledby and More

Dive into the World of Accessible Web Design: Ready to level up your web game? Let's unravel the mystery behind accessible names, from nailing aria-label vs. aria-labelledby to avoiding those 'oops' moments developers often stumble upon. Get ready to create web experiences that not only rock for everyone but also catch the eye of search engines. Buckle up, let's make the web more inclusive, one pixel at a time!

Written by Anna Karoń

Snowdog Academy - Creating a new Magento module

Learn how to create a new module in Magento with this step-by-step guide. Set up the module folder, add module.xml and registration.php files, execute the setup:upgrade command, and verify module activation. Get started with extending your Magento store's functionality today.

Written by Dawid Czaja

Snowdog Academy - Magento 2 module structures

Discover the significance of modules in the Magento platform, including their role in shaping the ecosystem, defining the structure, and activating new modules. Gain insights into the process and importance of modularization within Magento.

Written by Martyna Maciejewska

Magento, Hyvä and Big Commerce in Poland

Discover the latest advancements in e-commerce technology that are reshaping the industry. From the transformative Mage-OS, an open-source platform empowering innovation, to Hyvä, the game-changing solution revolutionizing Magento store building, and the arrival of BigCommerce as a powerful SaaS option. These innovations are set to redefine your online sales strategy. Explore further to unlock their full potential.

Written by Kuba Zwolinski

Snowdog chosen by Adam Mickiewicz University to implement accessibility-focused mobile application

Snowdog has partnered with Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań to collaborate on a groundbreaking project - UAM GO mobile app, which holds tremendous potential in enhancing accessibility within higher education campuses. With the shared goal of supporting students, staff, and visitors, Snowdog and the university are committed to designing and testing this innovative app to ensure it meets the needs of the campus community. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in advancing inclusivity and convenience in the realm of higher education.

Written by Sebastian Osses

Case Study - Poznaj Wodór Roadshow - Badanie UX

Przeprowadziliśmy fascynujące badanie z wykorzystaniem technologii eye tracking podczas Meet Hydrogen Roadshow 2023. Celem organizatorów było szerzenie wiedzy i podnoszenie świadomości na temat potencjału technologii wodorowej jako czystego źródła energii elektrycznej. Nasze badanie pozwoli poprawić doświadczenie odwiedzających przyszłe edycje wydarzenia.

Written by Kamila Pierunek

Magewire - A game-changer for Magento backend devs

Discover how Hyvä Checkout revolutionizes Magento checkout customization, solving the challenges faced by developers. Reduce stress and lengthy code while improving frontend performance with this brand-new checkout solution. Dive into the article by the Hyvä team on Magewire to explore the game-changing innovations for PHP developers in the Magento backend.

Written by Emanuele Gian
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