NeedApp Hackaton – Android App

12 March 2015

The Hackaton Challenge

Recently our team took part in the NeedApp Hackaton, organised by the mKlaster and Poznan Economic University.
The event was a blast of great ideas, good fun, and inspiring people.

Our company was represented by two teams – iOS and Android. iOS app was the finalist of the contest, winning fantastic 3rd prize. More information on this app will soon be available on our blog site.

Second app – created by our Android team – Students Angel of UEP, did not win the contest, but it still was a great fun to code.
We decided to make the apps source code publicly available on our github repository, here’s the link:

What’s in the app?


The app idea was simple – connecting students with graduates, that shares similar interests.
We all know that being a student is hard. You have to learn a lot, search for something in life that really interests you, go with exams and finally – find the job that matches your skills.
Who wouldn’t like to ask questions about their future jobs to their more experienced colleagues? Who wouldn’t like to be able to find a person that already graduated, and is willing to be a mentor for you, so you can ask all the questions you have about your future career?
A person, that will share his knowledge and experience and to guide the student, so maybe he won’t make same mistakes as they did?

Well, this is what our app was meant to do. We wrote it in around 10h (24h hackaton coding is madness, we take good care of our health and bodies :)), and it’s a working prototype app.
What was achieved:

  1. Student to graduate matching algorithm based on mutual interest.
  2. Filtering users to find graduates/students beyond the matching algorithm.
  3. Simple user invitation system.
  4. Nice UI and design.

After all, it’s fun that matters!

We all like spending time with people that shares the same dreams and interest, and that’s why we’re always happy to join events like this.
Great organisation, high level of apps and ideas presented at the end, and fantastic atmosphere are surely one of the biggest cons of this hackaton.

We’d like to congratulate the winners and thank all attendees for great vibes and laugh!
We’re looking forward to meet you all again on the next event like this.

Michal Pawlowski
Michal Pawlowski