Meet Magento Poland – 5th edition

05 October 2016

Tired but happy we end #mm16pl, the fifth edition of Meet Magento Poland. For three days (yes, we count Sunday!) we were hosting an amazing group of Magento family members in our home town, Poznań. Words can’t describe how accomplished and excited we feel about time spent together on discussing business, keeping an eye on all details and having fun with guests from around the world.

On Sunday we organized a VIP event for our Sponsors and Speakers. A bus took us to the local dropzone Sky Camp where all of us jumped from a perfectly good airplane. A lot of fun, a bit of stress and fear integrated the whole group in marvelous way. Temperature at 4000 m. was -4 C, but a bit of cold didn’t stop us from having a great time! After a few hours we met again during a short Pre-party, also exclusively for VIP guests.


On Monday and Tuesday we were already focused on the main event. The whole SNOW.DOG team helped at registration, asissted during workshops, fixed technical aspects and handled general organization. We are really lucky to have such a dedicated and creative team on board!

After opening session and traditional M2 talk of Ben Marks, we had a couple of really interesting presentation which attracted a lot of attention. Sïmon Saneback talked about  globalization of eCommerce sharing a few hints and tips to those who think of expanding their buisness to new markets. What aspects you need to take into consideration, how to research, how not to get into legal problems and much more. Rahim Blak talked about not-so-well-known aspects of Facebook Edge Rank algorithm and social media strategies, Michał Krzewiak shared his experience and knowledge about Magento in China.


After the first coffee break, Monday was divided into Business and Technology tracks. Such speakers as Vinai Kopp, Sergey Lysak, Piotr Karwatka, Talesh Seeparsan or Ivan Chepurnyi shared very important insights on topics related to online security, testing Magento 2 or discussed interesting case studies. Also 3 SNOW.DOG speakers appeared on stage: Bartek Igielski in Technology track talked about Progressive Web Applications, Bartek Kwiatkowski (together with Kuba Zwoliński) presented MageMirror as a new trend of Internet of Things integrating with eCommerce in fashion. At the end of the day Agnieszka Leszczyńska-Pietkiewicz presented UX standards in building mobile apps.

In the evening we invited all attendees to take part in the legendary After Party. In 2015 there was a chainsaw ice scuplting show. This year we invited team to perform a molecular bar show. Jelly drinks, suprising tastes and shapes convinced even those who usually don’t drink ;) Enough to say – it was an unique chance to see Ben Marks and Thomas Goletz dancing together to the music played by DJ Maya Selektah.



Tuesday started with a bit of networking in orange-oriented indoors of beautiful Concordia Design Center. The same as last year we decided to decorate the space so we could all feel it’s a Magento event. After a few cups of coffee and solid breafast we organized a Round Table Session where 5 topics were discussed and moderated by experts from Centuria, Divante, Creatuity, IBM and Orba. We were very happy to see people engagement in the discussion and new ideas which might be very useful. In fact, we had to move some tables outside of the room so people can continue discussion! Wow!


Round Tables were part of Business track and were followed by very interesting presentations held by Niraj Aswani, Marcin Piowowarczyk or Michał Leszczyński. At the same time we had Technology track where Anton Kril talked about technical direction of Magento 2. This talk attracted so many developers, that Vinai decided to postpone the start of his workshop until Anton finished his talk. “I wanted to hear it myself!” – he says. In Technology track we also had inspiring and very detailed presentations of such speakers as Andreas von Studnitz, Maciej Kalkowski or Damian Luszczymak.

Developers who wanted more practical approach attended 2 workshops. Vinai Kopp and Ivan Chepurnyi gathered more than 40 devs eager to learn new things. We were very happy to see work in progress!

During the closing session held by Kuba Zwoliński we organized a quick quiz. Answers to questions were rewared by little snowdogs flying across the conference room. One of them really wanted to escape through the ceiling. Fortunately Concordia is a massive architectural structure which remained untouched by this curageous attempt. :)

There is one more, very important thing that we announced. We decided to organize the next edition of Meet Magento Poland in Kraków and – for the first time – together with BOLD Brand Commerce. We are very happy and look forward to work together. The conference will take place 18-19 September so you can save the dates and don’t miss MM17PL.

See you next year and thanks for coming!

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Kuba Zwolinski
Kuba Zwolinski