Meet Magento DE at its finest

06 June 2013

Germany is country of origin and home of Meet Magento. For the seventh time, Meet Magento DE was organized with a great precision, big show and effective two-day networking.

It is really great to share this amazing time with people who have the same or similar interest, point of view and (or) way of working. When all of us are more or less close to Magento, it’s really easy to find a way to cooperate together. As partners, as customers, as developers, as project managers… There are hundreds of possibilities. And that’s what we love Magento for.

Finished 2 days ago, Meet Magento DE was one of the greatest event of this cycle ever (or simply the best). First of all, the agenda was very interesting. On the very beginning keynote presentation of Roy Rubin (from Magento Inc.)  attracted audience’s attention and warmed up the atmosphere. During both days the presentations were essential, up-to-date, fresh and still linked somehow to Magento and eCommerce. “Women in eCommerce” or “How to grow your eCommerce effectiveness” or OroCRM workshops (new project of one of Magento founders: Yoav Kutner)… these are only few examples of very well organized content of this prestigious conference.
Also – many people took part in Magento Hackathon or Leadership Summit which were Pre-events one day before the conference.

After the first day of MMDE – a great After Party took place and all participants could watch spectacular firework show.  Orange color domination was not a surprise :)

One thing is sure – this event was one of the most significant Meet Magento conferences so far. But still, you only need to look on below photos to see that the event’s greatness didn’t stifle a familiar and friendly atmosphere.

Marta Molinska
Marta Molinska