Kuba Zwoliński announced Magento Master!

01 March 2016

Magento Master Kuba ZwolinskiDuring latest MagentoLive in France we learned about new program launched by Magento. Program created to highlight top contributors in Magento community – Magento Masters. It is not only a matter of recognition, but also special privileges that go along with this prestigious title.

As Magento announces on the website:

A Magento Master is any individual involved in the Magento ecosystem who regularly participates in the community, is a good steward of the brand, helps to create a positive environment, and consistently adds value to the community.

We are extremely proud and excited to share the great news with you: Kuba Zwoliński, CEO at Snowdog and Meet Magento Poland organizer was today announced as one of the first Magento Masters in the world among 19 other most active community members.

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Kuba the Maker

There are 3 basic categories of Magento Masters: Makers, Mentors and Movers. Kuba has been selected as one of Makers. What does it mean?

Makers are community members involved in discussions, sharing knowledge and providing feedback. Given the description of this category – we are not surprised to see Kuba as one of the most active contributors in this field. Numerous debates, speeches, lectures, #RoadToImagine and other Magento-related activities are a solid base of the title.

If you want to read more about other categories, Movers and Mentors, Magento described both of them in the news summarizing the Magento Masters program.

Today we go celebrate, but we also want to congratulate all other Magento Masters, which are:


Kuba Zwolinski
Kuba Zwolinski