Sebastian Osses

Sebastian Osses

Marketing Specialist at Snowdog

Snowdog chosen by Adam Mickiewicz University to implement accessibility-focused mobile application

Snowdog has partnered with Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań to collaborate on a groundbreaking project - UAM GO mobile app, which holds tremendous potential in enhancing accessibility within higher education campuses. With the shared goal of supporting students, staff, and visitors, Snowdog and the university are committed to designing and testing this innovative app to ensure it meets the needs of the campus community. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in advancing inclusivity and convenience in the realm of higher education.

Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2023 - Recap

On May 18th at 6 PM, we celebrated Global Accessibility Awareness Day and the 1st anniversary of our Poznań Accessibility Meetup series. It was the 5th time we met at Snowdog HQ to build awareness and better understand the needs of people with disabilities. I've prepared a recap of the day's events.

Key Takeaways from Poznań Accessibility Meetup III

On the 1st of December 2022, we met again at the Snowdog HQ to talk about accessibility. This time the goal was to get more insight into the lives of visually impaired people. We had two speakers and as always a very active audience, that asked a lot of interesting and insightful questions. Do you want to know what we’ve learned? Keep reading!

Key Insights from Poznań Accessibility Meetup II

The series of Poznan Accessibility Meetup is still quite a fresh idea. We organize it because the topic is important to us. We implement accessibility, and we wish to educate others on that matter. That’s why in the middle of September, we have gathered for the second time to talk about the issues with A11y in both online and offline world. We’ve listened to three lectures and some very insightful questions. We prepared a sum up of it all. Enjoy!