Kasia Hajbos

Kasia Hajbos

Head of People at Snowdog

What's the Deal with Flexible Working Hours and Remote Work?

If you have a look at our ‘open roles’ page, you can notice that each job posting includes the following phrases: ‘Fully flexible working time — the only limit is common sense’, and ‘Possibility of remote work — without additional explanations’. The message is clear: at Snowdog, you can work at any time of the day and from anywhere. But what does it mean to work flexibly and remotely? What sort of a relationship does that create between the employee and the employer, as well as between teammates? How does this approach compare to a traditional 9–5, with a set working time and location?

#snowdogAdventure weekend

Besides working very hard on all our projects, we have been preparing our Snowdog team for a special weekend. Team building time comes with great adventure, important knowledge, and a lot of positive challenges. We were all very excited about spending time together, but what really happened excedeed our expectations…