Anna Karoń

Anna Karoń

Accessibility Specialist & Senior Frontend Developer at Snowdog

How to Use Accessible Names Properly to Easily Improve Accessibility of Your Website? aria-label, aria-labeledby and More

Dive into the World of Accessible Web Design: Ready to level up your web game? Let's unravel the mystery behind accessible names, from nailing aria-label vs. aria-labelledby to avoiding those 'oops' moments developers often stumble upon. Get ready to create web experiences that not only rock for everyone but also catch the eye of search engines. Buckle up, let's make the web more inclusive, one pixel at a time!

Web Accessibility - My Adventure

Over two years ago I visited the Invisible Exhibition in Warsaw. It’s very unique; visitors are guided through several exhibitions in total darkness, to really experience life as a blind person. Afterwards, our guide, a man with a visual impairment, talked about the practical aspects that help the visually impaired operate in different situations, like signing documents, playing tennis etc, and he showed us how he uses the web.

What I learned at Funka Accessibility Days - Part 2

I had the great opportunity to represent a11y group of MeetMagento Association at Funka accessibility days. You can read Part 1 of this post, which focuses on EU policy and directives and the general conference track, while here I will be discussing some more technical aspects of accessibility.

What I learned at Funka Accessibility Days - Part 1

For ten years now, Funka, a company based in Stockholm leading the field of accessibility has organized the Funka Accessibility Days – the largest conference on web accessibility in northern Europe. I had the great pleasure of participating in this event as a member of the Meet Magento a11y group; it was an amazing experience and I learned so much that I wanted to share some of my experiences and thoughts on accessibility.