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Zest Anchors

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ZEST Anchors is company manufacturing over-denture attachments to dentists. Main area of business activity is North America. Company deiced to refresh 5-year-old shopping cart system. There were two main goals to achieve:

  1. Implement a solution which allows to sell a lot of products and express compatibility between them. Due to ZEST’s vast offer about 30% of all orders were incorrect.
  2. Integration with the Made2Manage ERP system. Integration was to include: Account Creation, Contact Registration, Inventory Updates, Order Importation and Credit Card Pre-Authorization.


  1. Authorizing all registering accounts and customers as unique within the Made2Manage ERP System.
  2. Easier way to find product and compatible parts or accessories.
  3. Rebuilding way of creating orders and processing them in ERP system.


The greatest challenge was to work in bounds of firm’s ERP system in order to improve it’s performance for unique registration requirements and ordering capabilities.


  1. Reducing time of automatic order importation by 2-3 hours.
  2. Reducing number of incorrect orders from 30% to 1%.
  3. eCommerce was responsible for 30% of all orders in 2012 and was estimated to be up to 50% by end of 2013.


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