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Meet Magento Conference App

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Our mission

Meet Magento is a global series of meetings where commerce businesses and technologies cross-over and together. These special events require an equally special way for people to communicate and exchange ideas.

During Meet Magento conferences, many users interact and access information exclusively via their smartphone. We didn’t want mobile users to be limited or confused in any way by their device, so we made it our mission to level the playing field between web and mobile, and make conferences easy to navigate, experience, and enjoy for all.

We wanted to develop a full-featured app that gave users access all news, event updates, schedules, locations, as well as the ability to personalise their agendas. Not only did we want to build a complete mobile solution for conference events, but we hoped users would use the app continuously, independently of whether a conference was on, by providing intuitive networking capabilities and up-to-date Magento news.



An enhanced conference experience.

Mobile users can access a hub of event information with seamless integrations and intuitive networking features. All information about the event, sessions, speakers, sponsors, talks and news is smoothly accessible and searchable in the app. Importantly, users can independently customise their own agenda, making their conference experience unique.

Seamless social media integration and networking.

An up-to-date twitter feed allows delegates to stay updated during the entire conference, and in-built QR codes allow attendees to link up, share details quickly and stay in touch, even after the conference is over.

A customisable agenda.

Conferences are attended by diverse groups of people from different fields, so the app allows individuals to craft their ideal experience according to their interests. The agenda can be fully personalised and accessed throughout the day, with detailed session plans and locations organised in a personal timetable.

Realtime news, feedback and analytics

The app can be updated to the minute with location information or alerts about the conference. iBeacon capabilities allow the organisers and sponsors to localise delegates throughout the event, allowing for location-specific alerts or analytics. For example, users can be asked to provide feedback for talks they attended based on their location, and provide analytics based on their movement throughout the event.

Simplified conference organisation

All sponsors and sponsor information can be displayed in the app, and a simple web app for organisers is available to manage each element of the conference, from talks, speakers and tracks, to sponsors, locations and news. A history of the conference as well as future conference information can also be accessed.


Plus all the standard features:

  • Custom branded native mobile app and startup screen
  • iOS or Android compatible
  • Works offline
  • Browse the program by speaker, topic, time, or location
  • Display full abstract, speaker or title
  • Sessions and talks are completely searchable
  • Attendees can select individual talks to build a personal agenda
  • Display speaker images and speaker biographies
  • Announcements sent by administrator appear in app
  • Program changes can be performed anytime, and apps will be prompted to update
  • Sponsor screen lists sponsors with logos & hyperlinks
  • Maps of the venue for navigation
  • Twitter feed showing conference hashtag tweets



  •  Conference App is the app of choice at Meet Magento conferences around the world.
  • Each conference led to increase in user numbers, and we observed a consistent visit return rate of 92%.
  • Since the app was first published a few years ago, groups around the world are regularly returning to use it for their events.
  • The success of the Meet Magento conference app is indicative of its potential, and can readily be customised for other conferences and events.
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