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International growth with WRPO 1.4.1

Omni-chanel commerce & innovation

SNOWDOG is constantly working on bringing innovations to omni-channel commerce. Focused on Magento Enterprise, we use it as a base for new technologies and solutions. Quick ordering, augmented reality, building seamless online and offline customer experience, that’s all that can be a part of one Magento omni-channel ecosystem.

Trade shows & conferences

We love to experiment with new technologies and share it with others. That’s why you can meet us on trade shows and various conferences.

  • Imagine Commerce, Las Vegas, NV, USA
  • SXSW, Austin, TX, USA

Project description

The project concerns the support of export activities of the company SNOWDOG Sp. o.o. at 4 markets (USA, China, UK, Germany) by carrying out the tasks that promote products and brand SNOWDOG outside Poland and tasks advisory support business – part of a promotional project. The applicant plans to promote and export the following services:

  1. Implementation of e-commerce technology Magento. The target group are companies experienced in e-commerce seeking new / more efficient sales platform.
  2. Mobile applications to support the implementation of e-commerce. The target group are mainly companies from the B2B sector and those selling multi-channel (omni-channel commerce)
  3. Innovative Product Magebutton.

The project will run  from 01/01/2016 to 30/06/2017 in the following stages:

  1. Consulting and development in the field of implementation of new business models;
  2. Advising on the financing strategy for export and export activities;
  3. Advice on the development of the concept of the brand image in selected markets;
  4. Search of the partners in target markets (analysis, development) – (4 pcs.);
  5. Participation SNOWDOG Sp. o.o. in two international trade fairs as an exhibitor in the US (Magento Imagine and SXSW Trade Show);
  6. Organization economic missions of eight foreign entrepreneurs in SNOWDOG Sp. o.o. (1 pc.);
  7. Organization and participation in four  economic missions to the United States, China, Germany and UK (4 pcs.).

Project goals

SNOWDOG Sp. o.o. is a thriving young company in the so-called. new technologies. The company has so far focused on the Polish market, where it has gained a strong and stable position on a specialized niche market – Magento and mobile commerce implementations. At the current stage, to maintain or increase the current rate of growth the company needed to expand its activities into foreign markets through exports. As a result of the activities planned in the project, SNOWDOG Sp. o.o. develop its activities on the markets of the US, China, UK and Germany. Strengthening the position of the company and its brand recognition abroad will help further expand its influence competitive especially in Europe.

Implementation of the project will also lead to the always desired, increase the company’s revenue from sales. As a result, the increasing scale of operations will also require to expand staff. Company also plans to enter foreign markets with innovative product developed under R&D – Magebutton, and so the project will contribute to the diffusion of innovation beyond the Polish borders.

Recommendations for the development of export activities of SNOWDOG Sp. o.o. were included in the Export Development Plan. All activities planned in this project, as well as the purposes for which realization they lead are consistent with the content of the above, document and fully meet the needs. Result indicators selected as objectively documenting the achievement of planned targets most fully meet the needs of SNOWDOG Sp. o.o.:

  1. The number of commercial contracts, international signed by the company supported the internationalization (8 pcs. 2017r);
  2. The number of companies active in international markets (1 pc. In 2017r): the implementation of the planned actions will lead to the activation of a company outside the Polish market in the US, China, UK and Germany;
  3. Revenues from sales of products for export: to propose the company’s offer in the US, China, UK and Germany markets and is related to the area of market success will have a direct impact in the performance of the company’s financial results (export sale 453 600 PLN);
  4. An increase in employment in supported enterprises: development of the company will be associated with the development team of employees – by the end of 2017 it will be 1 person (1 time) – responsible for export and development of the company in foreign markets.

Expected effects

Among the planned material effects (products) to be obtained as a result of the project are the following key indicators:

  1. Private investment complementary to public support for enterprises (grants) – 145 493.32 PLN
  2. Number of enterprises receiving grants – 1 pc.
  3. Number of enterprises receiving support – 1 pc.
  4. Number of enterprises supported in consulting specialist – 1pc.
  5. Number of enterprises supported in internationalization activities – 1pc.
  6. Number of supported new businesses – 1pc.
  7. Number of enterprises that introduced organizational changes Process – 1pc.
  8. Number of hours of counseling – 1100 h
  9. The number of fairs and exhibitions, in which the beneficiary has participated as an exhibitor – 2 pcs.
  10. The number of commissioned studies / papers – 4 pcs.
  11. Number of organized trade missions – 5 pcs.

The project will bring changes in relation to the current situation:

  1. Increase brand recognition SNOWDOG Sp. o.o.;
  2. Revenue growth of the company total revenue growth of exports;
  3. Internationalization of the company;
  4. Diversification of markets;
  5. Reducing operational risk;
  6. Introduction to foreign markets, the product developed in the R & D work carried out by the applicant;
  7. Development of business contacts
  8. An increase in employment and the related changes in the organization and structure of the company

Project title: Wsparcie działalności eksportowej innowacyjnych produktów i usług Snowdog Sp. z o.o. na rynki USA, Chin, W. Brytanii i Niemiec
Project value: 642 762,10 PLN
European Union funds: 497 268,78 PLN