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Imagine 2016


Meet SNOW.DOG at Imagine

This year, for the first time SNOW.DOG was a Silver Sponsor of the biggest and most exciting Magento event. It was hard to say hello to all of 2500+ attendees, so we are happy to use our mobile app for scheduling appointments.

To win a SNOW.DOG mascot, our guest had to download our application and let it guide to our booth:

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About Imagine 2016

Imagine 2016 is the premier Magento Commerce conference. Celebrating its sixth anniversary, the event will bring together 2,500+ commerce experts from across the Magento ecosystem. It will connect the experiences of retailers and brands at every phase of growth, from those making their first million to those making their 500th million. Imagine 2016 offers a unique opportunity for senior executives, marketers, developers, merchandisers, web design agencies, system integrators, technology innovators, and commerce visionaries from leading retailers of all sizes to share the latest inspirations, technologies, techniques, and strategies for transforming commerce.

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