Magento MeetUp #4

26 April 2017

After 1-month break, we continue with Magento MeetUp sessions. Short agenda looks promising:

Adam Marcinkowski, Macopedia, “Aceptance testing on Magento”

Kuba Winkler, Q-solutions Studio, “Automated deploy on Magento using MINA”

Kamil Balwierz, SNOW.DOG, “What this is all about? – Composer w Magento2”

In the meantime we would like to encourage everyone to submit your presentation topics for upcoming events. Speaking at small MeetUps is a great opportunity to share your knowledge but also to improve your presenting skills in front of friendly and well known group of Magento folks.

Beer for everyone is provided by Centuria.
Pizza for everyone is provided by Macopedia.

Creatuity Poland and SNOW.DOG are taking care of organizing the whole series of Magento MeetUps in Poznań.

See you on Wednesday!

Dates & Venue

Old Loft, Mostowa 11

26 April 2017


Registration free