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Magento MeetUp #2

Practicing TDD with code katas

Special mini-workshop with Vinai Kopp on 19.01.2017, 5pm

As a developer, I want to practice my skills. One way to do this is with the help of Code katas. Code katas are small problems or tasks that are solved while trying to use best practices and Test Driven Development (TDD).

I have found them to be a lot of fun and that doing them regularly makes me a better developer.

During this mini-workshop we will do one or two katas together, as time allows. The tasks will not be Magento specific, but will be about general programming practice.

As the instructor, I will be doing the katas in PHP, but they can be done in any programming language, so if you prefer to use JavaScript, bash, Go-lang or any other language you feel at home with please feel free to use that instead.

The workshop is suited for both, developers who use TDD every day as well as absolute beginners in regards to automated testing.

For a little more information on code katas plase visit:


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