Learn Writing Efficient Magento 2.0 and 1.x Code

21-23 March 2016

Development becomes more error-prone in the current era of tens of CPU cores per server, tons of available RAM and silly practices promoted on various development blogs. There are thousand of ways to implement the feature, but only a few of them will be efficient and follow best practices. This training will cover those few methods and will give an insight how to solve performance issues in Magento core itself. You will enjoy three fantastic days, and that will change your attitude to your existing development practices.

The course mainly will be based on Magento 2.0 codebase, but you can safely apply learned practices on Magento 1.x projects as well.


We decided to invite the most suitable mentor for such an occasion, Ivan Chepurnyi is a former core team developer with the vast experience in optimization of Magento core. Ivan was working with Magento code since early 2007. He is doing Magento optimization projects since 2011 and got a lot of practices to share with you.

Training Topics

  • Thousands of wrong ways and finding the right one
  • Profiling methods
  • Writing load tests
  • Doing benchmarks
  • Collections, any why 99% of the time you are using them wrong
  • Using SPL to write efficient data retrievers
  • Code compilation for flexible code
  • Good Flat – Bad Flat
  • Indexation techniques
  • Quirks of MySQL query optimization


  • You should be familiar with Magento 2.0 backend development
  • You must have solid experience in overall Magento development
  • It is hard to scare you with SQL query
  • You should have a decent laptop with latest Vagrant and Virtual Box installed
  • Your good sense of humor will be an excellent advantage

Dates & Venue

3 days course: 21/03/2016 to 23/03/2016

Location: Poznan, Garncarska 9


Registration fee (3 days of training, coffee & lunch): 3400 PLN + VAT

Limited seats available. Please contact us for details.

Dates & Venue

Poznan, Poland

21-23 March 2016


Registration paid

3400 PLN + VAT