Learn TDD with Magento

1-3 June 2015

As a developer, I want to write excellent code which not only solves business problems, but also continues to provide value over time. And I want to be fast. TDD is a discipline that enables me to do all that and more.

Within the PHP community Test Driven Development has gained widespread popularity only within the recent years. However, Magento 1.x was developed before that, without testability in mind. Lacking examples many developers find it challenging to learn TDD while struggling with the obstacles imposed by Magento at the same time. This training covers how to use testing tools like PHPUnit as well as how to use them while creating Magento modules and customizations.
During the 3 days much emphasis will be put on hands-on exercises.


Vinai Kopp – Instructor for the official Magento U developer trainings by Magento, and a member of the Magento Certification Advisory Board, also conference speaker. One of the first to pass the MCD+ exam. More at vinaikopp.com

Training Topics

  • Understanding Testing Lingo – How to sound like a cool developer
  • Comparison of Testing Tools (PHPUnit, PHPSpec, Codeception, Behat & Co)
  • Test Structure
  • Using Magento in a Test
  • Test Doubles (a.k.a. Mocks)
  • Configuration Tests
  • Testing Magento Classes with integration tests (that is Models, Resource Models, Controllers, Blocks and Helpers)
  • Testing Patterns
  • Questions & Answers


  • Good knowledge of PHP
  • Working knowledge of OOP
  • A laptop with vagrant, virtual box and PHPStorm installed
  • If you prefer to develop on a local development instance instead of inside a virtual machine, make sure you have a local php-cli installation with xdebug.

Dates & Venue

3 days course: 01/06/2015 to 03/06/2015

Location: Concordia Design, Poznan (map)


Registration fee (3 days of training, coffee & lunch): 3400 PLN + VAT

Limited seats available. Please contact us for details.

Dates & Venue

Poznan, Poland

1-3 June 2015


Registration paid