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Meetup Training Course : Magento MeetUp #2

Practicing TDD with code katas Special mini-workshop with Vinai Kopp on 19.01.2017, 5pm As a developer, I want to practice my skills. One way to do this is with the help of Code katas. Code katas are small problems or tasks that are solved while trying to use best practices and Test Driven Development (TDD). […]

Training Course : Integration tests in Magento 2 – workshop

Getting started with testing during work is challenging. Despite best intentions, often the pressure to deliver projects keeps us from investing the time to get efficient enough to use it on a day to day basis. In order to not be overwhelmed by all the different ways to automate testing, choosing one discipline to start […]

Meetup : Magento Made In Poznan #1

Poznan Magento meet-ups reactivated! Climate attic, beer, pizza and good tech presentations. AGENDA: 18: 00-18: 45 Bartek Igielski, SNOW.DOG What is wrong with the front-end in Magento 2? So how about this change LESS to SASS, implement Bema and do order 18: 45-19: 00 BREAK 19: 00-19: 45 Simon Grądzielewski, Creatuity Poland, Dependency Injection in […]

Training Course : Learn Writing Efficient Magento 2.0, second edition

A 3 day training on writing efficient code for Magento 2.x and 1.x platform.Learn Writing Efficient Magento 2.0

Conference : Meet Magento Poland 2016

An unique event for Magento professionals and enthusiasts. Developers, agencies, merchants and vendors meeting for 2 days of networking and knowledge sharing.

Training Course : Learn Writing Efficient Magento 2.0 and 1.x Code

A 3 day training on writing efficient code for Magento 2.x and 1.x platform.

Conference : Magento & PayPal Meet-up

Magento and PayPal discussions panel and networking lunch for Magento solution providers in Poland.

Training Course : Learn TDD with Magento

A 3 day training on automated testing and TDD for the Magento Platform.