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Material Design – Flexible Space Header with Image

Material design proposed interesting animation features, that can be seen throughout it’s design guidelines. One of these features is called Flexible Space Header, and today we’re going to take a closer look on how to implement it. To get the visual feeling of what we’re about to implement, check out this video. The code We’ve prepared the demo code […]

How to dynamicaly change Android Toolbar icons color

With the new Palette library and Material design, we’re able to create more color-aware applications, implementing color adaptable user interfaces. TL;DR There’s a link to the ColorizeToolbarHelper class at the end of the article. It works out of the box. Instead of using the same colors across the app, we’re can easily colorize the views, using […]

BlurImageView – DSLR unfocusing animation

How to develop BlurImageView? Discovering Material Design gave me a chance to play with animations and image effects. While watching Chiu Ki Chan presentation “Fun with Android Shaders and Filters” I got an idea to create the “focus loss” effect, well known from the DSLR cameras – blurring the image with simultaneous enlarging it. The […]

Getting Material Design for Pre-Lollipop Devices with AppCompat v21

New looks of Android With recent release of Android Lollipop SDK, new Material Design became widely available for users and developers. Google re-designed Android layouts with new “visual language”, that provides consistent, elegant, and very plausible user experience. It’s achieved through ripples touch feedback, cards, view transition animations, and views elevation API, that uses shadows to determine […]

Good time of Android Team

Last week was really interesting for our Android team. We hosted the second meeting of Poznan Android Developer Group and participated in DevFest in Krakow. PADG is a new initiative of Android developers in Poznan that aims to share knowledge and experience. There are usually 3 presentations divided with networking breaks. On 6th of November […]