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SNOW.DOG at VueConf 2017

Snowdog Frontend Team was pleased to take part in The world’s first Official Vue.js Conference which took place in Wroclaw. We had been all interested in this front-end framework before, but nobody assumed the event would take place in Poland. Speakers and talks During two inspiring days of the conference, experienced Vue.js developers shared their […]

Good time of Android Team

Last week was really interesting for our Android team. We hosted the second meeting of Poznan Android Developer Group and participated in DevFest in Krakow. PADG is a new initiative of Android developers in Poznan that aims to share knowledge and experience. There are usually 3 presentations divided with networking breaks. On 6th of November […]

Snowdog innovates Meet Magento with iBeacons

Latest Meet Magento NYC conference was very special. Sorry, every Meet Magento event is special, this one was special for us. Starting with this event we begun delivering iBeacons technology in real world. Not a prototype anymore, real user experience and fun this time. Indoor proximity systems bring brand new user experience in many fields […]

Meet Magento DE at its finest

Germany is country of origin and home of Meet Magento. For the seventh time, Meet Magento DE was organized with a great precision, big show and effective two-day networking. It is really great to share this amazing time with people who have the same or similar interest, point of view and (or) way of working. […]

Snowdog at Magento Imagine

Yes! Just in a few days we’re going to attend Magento Imagine in Vegas. It’s going to be legendary, just as last 2012 edition. Why is it so important? It’s spectacular, it’s essential, it’s big. And it’s really worth going. We can’t remember any other event where you could meet so many Magento community members: […]

Meet Magento Poland 2012

The first Meet Magento in Poland was a great success. Over 150 attendees from Germany, Switzerland, Ukraine, Netherlands, United Kingdom and of course Poland took part in this special event. Nearly 250 were attending online! First day, both business and technology oriented, was very intresting and relevant. We had a chance to see presentations about […]