#snowdogAdventure weekend

18 May 2017

Besides working very hard on all our projects, we have been preparing our SNOW.DOG team for a special weekend. Team building time comes with great adventure, important knowledge, and a lot of positive challenges. We were all very excited about spending time together, but what really happened excedeed our expectations…

Day 1 – Friday

During the first day of #snowdogAdventure, we took part in a First Aid Course prepared by MedAid. A lot of information was given by people who work in the ambulance every day – real examples, scary stories, and quick solutions that you would never think of. We also had a chance to practice CPR procedures, and we learned about each element of a First Aid Kit. Let’s hope we’ll never have to use this knowledge in practice…

Day 2 – Saturday

We knew our second day was going to be somehow off-road-related. On our way to the starting point, something unexpected happened. One of our colleagues noticed there was an accident right ahead of us! A red car had crashed and flipped. The dark smoke and hissing sounds were really scary. Our driver stopped and shouted, “Grab the First Aid Kit and run!” Everybody got out of the cars and ran to the accident scene.

We realized quite quickly that it was not a real accident, but a very well prepared show. There were real people in the wreckage with “almost real” wounds and blood. We had to react like we would in a real accident and, while we didn’t call a real ambulance, our help seemed to be accurate and efficient.

The new skills we put into practice and our teamworking produced great results. Even though we knew it was not real, we were aware that this was how it might actually be at possible future accident scenes. And, most importantly, somebody’s life may depend on how we react and what we do.

After a successful rescue, we continued our off-road adventure with Landstore.pl team – Land Rovers, maps, difficult areas, a lot of mud and steep roads, traverses, and many occasions to use the winch. Pure off-road!

The idea of the terrain game was to score points for each special task. The whole adventure was a mixture of extreme 4×4 passages and team work. Usually, we work in front of laptop screens. But on Saturday, we were all behind the wheel, and we discovered that there is no Mission Impossible for us, if we work together. The harder – the better!

After a couple of hours of fun and hard work, we all met by the campfire. Hungry and tired, we were more than happy to sit, talk, and laugh. But this was not the end! Last, but not least, we were challenged to pass the river in off-road style – some of us above and some underwater!

Kasia Śmiałek
Kasia Śmiałek