Snowdog at Magento Imagine

03 April 2013


Yes! Just in a few days we’re going to attend Magento Imagine in Vegas. It’s going to be legendary, just as last 2012 edition. Why is it so important? It’s spectacular, it’s essential, it’s big. And it’s really worth going. We can’t remember any other event where you could meet so many Magento community members: developers, freelancers, enthusiasts – also merchants. During last Imagine we’ve met also a few of our present customers: big companies looking for Magento specialists.

Imagine is also an event of networking diversity: lunch, dinner, cocktail party and many other occasions to make new business acquaintances. You may feel a little bit lost on the begining, but don’t worry – the perfect organization allows you to get used to this crowdy, but somehow perfectly put together event.

We will let you know how it is, follow us on Twitter these days :)


Marta Molinska
Marta Molinska