Lukas Raty: official Magento module – installements in your e-shop

18 September 2012

Yes, it’s official ;)

The new LUKAS Raty module for installments payments is now available for Magento platform. It is an easy way to extend e-shop’s potential target group to those customers who previously couldn’t afford more expensive products. There is no better way to increase sales!
Directly from the product view there is an visible option to calculate installments costs and amonut in an easy and intuivie way.


Of course the option is also presented to the customer from cart of checkout view:  6v_1


The Snowdog LUKAS Raty module is available for free on Magento Connect website. Feel free to leave us a comment or suggestion if there is any  way we could improve it :)

Marta Molinska
Marta Molinska